Anti-collusion and safe transactions

There is very little that cheaters can do online. No one can mark the cards, no one can peek at your hole cards, no one can stack the deck or put a cold deck on the table. Playing poker on line is very safe. The things that can and do happen in land casinos and card rooms can’t happen on line.

However, there is one thing that happens in land casinos that some cheaters do try to get away with on line: they try to collude, that is, share information and play their hands in order to help each other win. This is also known as “playing partners”.

Clearly, colluding is not tolerated at Everygame Poker. In order to thwart any and all attempts at collusion among players, Collusion Detection Software (patent pending) has been developed that, among other capabilities, tracks all play in real time. Every hand played at Everygame Poker is automatically and instantly analyzed. The software watches for and recognizes in real time any and all plays used by colluding players and, whenever any suspicious plays are detected, the players’ hand histories are brought up for examination by our experienced, expert staff.

Colluders will have their accounts frozen and be banned from Everygame Poker and all its affiliated sites worldwide. If you have concerns regarding the outcome of a game, then please let us know with the according data of the game you were playing.

Safety of electronic transactions

Everygame Poker uses 128-bit certificate based encryption to protect the details of your electronic transactions over the Internet. This is the Internet security standard for online transactions as demanded by major financial institutions.

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