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A man entering an online casino on his laptop, with a pile of poker chips at his side.

There are plenty of great poker players out there; players who have won multiple WSOP bracelets, some who have been developing their poker career for decades, and so on.

But how do you know which of these players are considered the top online poker players of our time? Are we talking about the most profitable players? The rising stars that have been dominating the online and live tables? Or should we look at players with the highest global rankings?

A man standing on a hill at sunrise with money falling from the sky.

The perks of playing online poker rather than visiting land-based casinos can't be ignored; technology makes poker more accessible, entertaining, and profitable than ever before!

When choosing to play poker remotely, you get a unique opportunity to boost your wins with the help of online poker bonuses and promotions, which is a blessing you can't easily ignore.

A couple of red poker chips placed on a financial spreadsheet.

The poker industry is changing constantly, as it is affected by different global trends, life-changing events, and much more. Trying to predict how the poker world might change is not an easy task, as a multitude of complex factors must be taken into account.

Many experts try to perform a global poker market analysis to see where the wind is blowing, and we are here to provide you with a summary of what the data says. Are you ready to find out what you might expect of the poker industry in upcoming years?

A man putting coins in a jar while making calculations.

If you ask poker experts what the most important thing is to learn before turning pro, you might expect them to mention different poker strategies. However, what really matters when you want to turn the game into a profession is effective bankroll management.

Poker pro Nik Airball Arcot learned this important rule the hard way, as he lost almost a million dollars in a single week of poker games a few weeks ago. Losing more money than you can afford can potentially wipe out all your savings and knock you out of the race altogether.

Dive deep into the world of poker with an extensive interview featuring Barny Boatman, a true icon in the realm of poker!

A neon sign of #FOMO.

Every year, thousands of poker events and tournaments take place around the globe. In 2023, more than 1,320 poker festivals took place in Europe alone, allowing players to test their poker skills regularly. But even those who managed to play poker every single day had to choose which events to join and which to miss, as there were just too many of them!

When facing so many choices, players must have the ability to overcome FOMO in poker so as not to live in a perpetual state of regret about not joining this event or another. In fact, the fear of missing out appears in many other forms amongst poker players, as people often might have regrets about hands they haven't played, side bets they didn't take, and so on.

A man using a transparent smartphone

Thirty years ago, touch screens and smartphones were a thing of the future - something that seemed possible only in movies and sci-fi books. But here we are today, with technology more advanced than we ever thought possible and new tech features appearing changing the market every few years.

Since Elon Musk announced that the first chip has been implanted in a human brain, it raised the question of whether a new tech is about to change the face of poker or not. Will we witness a new entry in the mobile poker evolution history book? How did the mobile poker industry change in the past few decades? Let's take a look at the past and future of online and mobile poker!

A silhouette of a man raising his hat as a sign of farewell.

Perry Friedman, a member of the Tiltboys and WSOP bracelet winner, sadly passed away on January 21, 2024. Throughout his poker career, Friedman managed to land some spectacular wins while maintaining his cheerful disposition that affected everyone around him.

Friedman's playing style should be admired, and you can actually learn a lot of poker strategy tips by taking a closer look at his life and career. Let's honor this pro's legacy by taking a closer look at his past successes and the lessons they can teach us.

Three wooden figures standing on a winner's podium.

Keeping track of the best poker players in the business is not an easy task since there are hundreds of thousands of players competing all around the world. That's why poker databases like the Global Poker Index have been invented.

Founded in 2011, the Global Poker Index (GPI) ranks over 450,000 tournament poker players, updating the leaderboard on a weekly basis. In fact, this player's index uses information gathered to determine which players have dominated the tables.

Looking at the players' finishing positions in poker tournaments over the period of three years, GPI does a lot of work to bring you a list of the best poker pros out there! Each year, the Global Poker Index awards five players with the title of Player of the Year so as to make it easier to keep track of what's going on in the industry.

Are you ready to find out who was given the honor of being crowned a champion by GPI before completing the Everygame casino login process?

A businessman standing in a full stadium while holding a wad of cash.

Professional sports have a unique appeal to them, as millions of people all around the world follow different types of sports. According to statistics, 74.5% of all Americans follow football, 56.6% enjoy watching basketball, and 50.5% watch baseball. The unpredictable and exciting nature of the sports industry makes it one of the most interesting things to watch - and bet on.

Online betting options, like the Everygame Sportsbook platform, allow people to add an additional thrilling aspect to being a sports fan, as placing bets on possible match outcomes gets people even more invested in the sport they're watching. However, sometimes mixing sports with gambling can lead to dangerous consequences. Recent news reports stated that gamblers tried to influence the outcome of NFL games to make a profit.

What exactly happened? How does sports betting affect the sports industry? And what are the most important features of sports-related gambling?

A man holding a film slate with the words "What's your story" written on it.

Poker players are often considered to be extremely passionate and outspoken people, which often causes a lot of drama when strong personalities clash at the tables. That is why many poker players like Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow are notoriously known for their antics, and the poker community waits for news of their recent outbursts with bated breath.

A new documentary about Matusow is set to be released in early 2024, and the poker world is in a frenzy over it. Over the years, Matusow starred in multiple headlines for different reasons, some good and some bad. He has had many ups and downs throughout his poker career, which must make his life story a fascinating watch.

So, before you enjoy your next Everygame casino login session, make sure you follow the latest news regarding the upcoming poker documentary and keep track of the latest drama!

The number 10 bursting out of a gift box.

This week, Erik Seidel proved to the poker community that reaching for the moon and having big dreams can pay off – big time. After years of playing poker professionally, the player known as Seiborg won his 10th World Series of Poker bracelet.

He is the fifth person to join the prestigious club of 10 bracelet owners, which shows the world that with enough dedication you can achieve anything. How long has Seidel been playing? What is his poker variant of choice? And how did his last win go? Find out everything about Seidel's career in our Everygame casino login news report!

A smiling woman filming herself gaming.

In the past, the obvious way to learn a new skill required reading a guidebook or taking lessons with a professional. But in the age of electronic advancement, people prefer to look for quick solutions to all their problems online. When it comes to learning to play poker, things have never been easier: you can watch online tutorials, sign up for online classes, and even watch some online streams to learn more about the game.

Poker streams on Twitch and similar platforms now allow you a rare insight into the world of poker, one that wasn't available to previous generations. You get to watch the game unfold first-hand, without actually risking any of your own money, all the while learning how to use Everygame poker no deposit bonuses to your advantage.

Are you curious about the world of online poker streams? Where is the best place for you to find high-quality poker content?

A woman's hand touching an old photo in an album.

The poker community is often a close-knit group, as players from all corners of the world gather around the poker tables to enjoy the game they love. Players often create connections even when oceans separate them. That is why when we lose one of our own, it resonates with the entire poker community.

During the month of October, we've heard of the passing of a few people closely related to the poker industry, and we're here to remember them. Help us in our efforts to bring their memories to life and enjoy a hearty poker session to honor them, so join us after completing the Everygame login process.

The words "forever loved" engraved on a wooden bench.

So many people all around the world grew up religiously watching Friends, so when the news of Matthew Perry's passing became public knowledge, thousands of people were saddened by the news.

Perry, who passed away at the early age of 54, will forever be remembered for his acting career, his personal achievements, and even his love for poker. Let's take a moment to honor Perry's life by recounting his great accomplishments and enjoying a friendly poker round after you complete the Everygame login process.

A close-up of Santa writing his naughty and nice lists in a book.

Hooray, Christmas is on the way! Once December rolls around, you can practically feel the excitement in the air as the world prepares for one of the most beloved holidays. Christmas trees are put up, decorations are brought down from the attic, and presents are being bought.

The Everygame poker community is joining the festivities by celebrating Santa's List Day, taking place on December 4. What is this day all about? And how can you make your holiday more enjoyable as you play poker? We are here to help you answer these questions!

A street sign reading Memory Lane.

Texas Dolly, the Godfather of Poker – Doyle Brunson accumulated a lot of nicknames, and he earned them with blood, sweat, and tears. The poker pro was an active part of the industry for over 50 years, and that made him a role model for young poker fans. Winning multiple WSOP bracelets, getting into the Poker Hall of Game, and writing several books on poker turned him into an outright legend.

That is probably why the poker industry decided to remember Doyle Brunson by dedicating a special day to him. Some players decided to use Everygame poker no deposit bonuses that day, while others chose to participate in a special event that commemorated the unforgettable player.

What day was chosen for the celebrations and why? What has Brunson achieved throughout his life? Find out what Doyle Brunson Day is about, and maybe you will join the celebrations next year!

A woman wearing a cape holding a Superwoman pose on top of a hill.

Being a celebrity can be brutal due to the lack of privacy and being constantly scrutinized by the public. But being in such a position allows certain people to become role models, affecting the lives of thousands – if not millions – of people.

That is why when celebrities join forces to empower women and promote them in the poker industry, it doesn't go unnoticed. On September 21, multiple celebrities and powerful figures attended an event hosted by Poker Power to encourage women to become more active in the industry.

Who participated in the event? And who managed to win big by the end of the night? Find out more about the latest Poker Power event before completing the Everygame login process and placing some bets yourself!

A black and white photo of a woman sitting at the poker tables, playing cards, and holding a glass.

You Count! New Initiative to Encourage Women to Use Everygame Poker Bonus Codes

Once upon a time, poker was an all-male-dominated game. But as society became more progressive, more and more women began playing the beloved game. In 1977, only 93 women entered the WSOP Ladies Championship.

By 2023, the number of entries reached 1,295. But even though it seems there are more female poker players than ever before, documented data says otherwise.

According to stats, only 5% of the professional poker players in the US are women. But can you trust this information? Apparently, renowned poker databases like Hendon Mob are mislabeling female players as males, which messes with the statistics.

The fact that women aren't being fairly represented in the poker community can deter some from playing poker and using Everygame poker bonus codes, which is an issue the Pocket Queens organization plans to rectify.

Happy and sad smiley faces drawn on stones.

Do you believe that being a great poker player is an inherited trait? Or is it an acquired one? While scientists debate the answer to this question, we can take a look at the facts: Some countries and US states produce higher rates of successful poker pros than others. Does that mean that society and your surroundings affect your ability to play online poker games?

Recent surveys show that in Iowa, players have better poker faces than players from other US states. But the ability to bluff your way out of a tough spot is not enough to determine whether outside factors can influence your ability to master the game.

But can we learn more from looking at the list of the top poker pros in the industry and try to detect a pattern there? Let's wait and see.

A group of people running a marathon.

Everyone who has ever had a passion for a specific thing knows how satisfying and exciting it can be if you completely immerse yourself in the world which you admire so much. Imagine you could play poker all day, every day, without any consequences for you to think about… wouldn't that be great?

And while reality won't allow most of us to get lost in the alluring depths of the poker world, there are still plenty of all-day poker experiences for players to enjoy. In fact, poker marathons are considered as some of the most engaging and captivating poker events in the world.

A Day in Paradise: St. Maarten with Everygame Poker

One of our previous live-poker package winners has provided us with a unique experience report about his perfect day in St. Maarten.

A red sign stating: Scam Alert!

It is a tale as old as time. Whenever people gather around to compete for a prize, whether we're talking about sports or poker, you are bound to find at least one person who tries to cheat his way to the top.

Over the years, live and online poker rooms invested a lot of resources to turn venues into safe spaces where people can relax and place bets without the fear of getting conned. And while most security protocols can certainly prevent fraud cases, technology is not bulletproof, and people still find ways to cheat their fellow players.

In an effort to stop cheaters from causing any more damage, US legislators came up with a bill that might be the best way to make it even safer for you to play online poker for real money.

A deck of cards lying on a sandy beach.

Summertime always feels magical. When the sun is shining bright, illuminating the world with bright colors, most people can't help feeling elated and optimistic. And when the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement, what better way is there to spend your summer months than finding a fun activity to make you even more hyped up, like online poker?

This August, you have multiple Everygame login promotions that can turn your summer into one spectacular adventure. Are you ready to find out which of our promotions might boost your wins as you play poker online?

A man standing in front of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Most poker players dream of the day they get to join one extremely exclusive club: the Poker Hall of Fame. Each year, multiple nominees fight for the chance to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, whether for their achievements at the best online poker sites or their contribution to making the industry thrive.

This year, ten major poker players were nominated for the PHoF, but only one would be remembered forever as one of the best players of our time: Brian Rast. Who is he? What has he done to deserve this highly coveted position? And who are the other players he managed to overshadow?

A poker chip inscribed with the words: Poker Champ.

Arguably the most famous and popular poker event in the world, the WSOP Main Event always manages to draw a crowd. This year, however, the crowd is bigger than ever, and multiple records have already been broken.

A record-breaking number of 10,043 players joined the event – beating the previous record of 8,773 entries by a mile. All those players created an astounding prize pool, which meant the first-place prize amounted to $12.1m.

What has happened during this event? And who had the greatest chance of getting a real money poker win? Find out more about the most prestigious poker event of the year!

A wooden sign that reads "Expect the unexpected".

In recent weeks, it seems as if the World Series of Poker is on everyone's mind: every blog post and news article covers the latest wins, making predictions regarding upcoming events, etc. But what about the most interesting and heart-warming stories out there?

When poker tournaments like the WSOP take place, unexpected things are bound to happen. Who had to leave the poker tables sooner than expected? And who surprised the entire world by showing up out of nowhere and dominating the tables? Find out what drama took place at the latest tournaments!

Texas Holdem table with cards and chips.

Lo and behold, the World Series of Poker is already here, bringing us plenty of exciting and fascinating stories to feast our eyes on! The 54th series of WSOP tournaments started on May 30, taking place at one of the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas.

In the upcoming months, thousands of players from all around the world are about to play all types of poker variations, including Holdem Texas poker, trying to win one of the highly coveted bracelets.

Now that the first week of the event is behind us, let's take a look at some of the latest World Series of Poker highlights: who already won a bracelet? And which pro tried to bluff his way to a win – and lost? This week's WSOP recap is here!

A white stick man running up wooden steps toward his goal.

You can learn how to play poker in various ways: reading specific book guides, watching tutorials, and so on. But if you want to have a true understanding of the game, there is nothing better than watching poker pros in action and learning all their tricks and strategies.

This month's poker star is Jeremy Becker, who won several Wynn tournaments in a row, making him one of the most promising young players of the year. Who is Becker? What does his career look like? And what can you learn from him when it comes to playing poker? Learning the answers to these questions might allow you to become a better player!

A model of the earth's globe placed on a stack of poker chips.

Apart from the World Series of Poker, there is one more highly anticipated poker event everyone is waiting for - the World Poker Tour (WPT). It is an exciting opportunity for players of all levels to test their skills, engage with fellow players, and try to win some money in the process.

While regular cash games are a great way to have some fun and improve your poker abilities, nothing can compare with the exhilaration you feel by joining such events. The electrifying atmosphere and the adrenaline rush you get at those events is simply addictive.

Now that the summer season is almost here, the latest poker news regarding the WPT is in! Find out about all the most interesting events, the most exciting features, and everything you need to know about this prestigious poker tournament!

A newspaper title stating, "changes in legislation".

Many countries around the world have pretty outdated gambling laws that don't address the various issues online poker brings to the table. Multiple countries, like the UK, tried to rectify the situation by changing the laws – and some do that more successfully than others.

Back in 2020, the British government set out to change gambling laws that affect live and online poker rooms, but unpredictable circumstances prevented that from happening – until today. What changes await poker players in the UK? And what exactly happened these past few years? Find out all about the past, the present, and the future of poker in the UK right now!

Three golden trophies representing first to third place.

Similar to Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker is another extremely popular poker variation millions of players around the world enjoy playing. Dozens of Omaha poker tournaments take place every single month, allowing fans of the game to expand their horizons. Some of those events happen at live venues, and some allow for Omaha poker online play. But it doesn't matter where players choose to place bets, as long as they wing big!

If you've been wondering whether you should play Omaha or Texas Hold'em, you need to find out whether this game is worth your while or not. Take a look at some of the most exciting Omaha wins in the past few months, learn more about the players themselves, and find out whether Omaha is your kind of game!

Wires connecting tech to a blockchain block.

Bitcoin might have been the first cryptocurrency to make it into online poker venues, but it is certainly not the last. Over the years, gambling venues adopted different crypto technologies, transforming the industry completely.

Every year, new blockchain poker trends are introduced to online venues, allowing players to place real money bets in a more modern and efficient way. Find out what kind of crypto tech is now trending in online poker venues, and who knows? Maybe the next time you play, you will use digital currencies to place your bets!

People standing in front of a closed bank.

The unexpected fall of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), one of the biggest banks in the US, shocked the entire world. Mostly serving tech companies and venture capital, SVB's collapse affected dozens of companies all over the world. But the tech industry is not the only to be affected by the unexpected turn of events, as the crypto world and global poker industries have changed as well.

It is not a secret that the value of cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) tends to fluctuate constantly, but many gambling venues still think of it as a reliable payment method that poker players can use online. Will that change after the latest shift in the US economy? Are cryptocurrencies stronger or weaker than they were before? Find out whether crypto poker rooms are still a relevant gambling option for you!

New software features and table redesign

Introducing the New and Improved Poker Software, starting with May 16th!

A tip jar filled with coins.

Everyone who strives to get better at poker knows the drill: you read a poker guide and practice for hours on end until you master your craft. But what if we told you there is an even better way to get better at playing poker?

If you truly want to learn the ins and outs of the game, you should go straight to the source and learn some poker tips from the best players in the world. To help you on your journey, we've gathered some words of wisdom from the top poker pros out there, so stay tuned and find out how to win at poker!

A group of friends sitting around a table holding their phones.

Since the game was invented in North America early in the 19th century, poker slowly became one of the most popular card games in the US. And while in the past, people loved traveling to designated gambling rooms to enjoy the game, the appearance of the internet changed the poker world completely.

A stack of poker chips with a man holding playing cards in the background.

As most avid poker fans know, there is no rest for the wicked! Every day something new and exciting takes place in the poker world, and we are all for it. Following the drama at the best online poker tournaments and live events can provide endless entertainment, so stay tuned to hear more!

Interview with Leo Margets

Leo Margets, a professional poker player, has an inspiring story of rising to fame as the top female player in the WSOP Main Event 2009 in her first attempt at the prestigious event. Since then, she has become a respected figure in the poker world and has recently achieved a major milestone by winning her first WSOP-bracelet in 2021.

Three golden crypto coins lined up in a row: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

When Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in 2009, it was hard to imagine it might change the world of online transactions in such a major way. Since that fateful day, more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies have made their debut (Everygame Poker accepts 3 cryptos), providing people with an additional way to place bets as they play poker online.

Interview with Lex Veldhuis

During the PokerStars EPT in Paris, Rikard Åberg talks to Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis.

The Swedest Deal

Enjoy the latest episode of 'The Swedest Deal' Poker VLOG!

Two red gloved touching inside a boxing ring

It has been a while since we heard about the Galfond Challenge, which means an urgent update is long overdue. Phil Galfond, arguably one of the best poker pros out there, challenged multiple players to compete with him in a game of pot-limit Omaha (PLO).

big, green sign welcoming people to Michigan, the Great Lake State

Remember those days when you had to take time off work and travel to a casino resort to enjoy playing poker? We don't either and luckily, more and more players from all around the world get to enjoy online gambling with minimal effort.


Don't miss the latest episode of 'The Swedest Deal'!

A man, hiding his face in a box with a dollar sign drawn on it, raises his hands in triumph.

When it comes to the poker industry, there is one thing you can trust wholeheartedly: there is always something exciting going on! Dozens of captivating tournaments, events, and different games take place every day, allowing multiple poker pros to rake poker wins.

woman crossing the finish line in a race

Have you been playing poker for a while now, but you're still unable to figure out how to end every session on a positive note? That means you still haven't learned the best tips and tricks that can help you take your skill level from OK to phenomenal.

2022 Highlights written on a pink sticky note, surrounded by office supplies

When a year comes to a close, there is nothing more satisfying than reviewing the past 12 months and reminiscing about the best poker moments we've experienced. The moment the clock struck twelve on New Year's Eve, all 2022 poker games came to an official conclusion, cementing the stats in stone.

Interview with Olivier Busquet

Enjoy another episode of 'The Swedest Deal' with your host Rikard Aberg!

 businessman trying to touch a crystal ball lying on a wooden table

The past few years have been rather interesting when it comes to the poker online industry. The pandemic changed how people played their favorite game, making online poker more popular than ever while attracting thousands of new players to attend tournaments.

New episode available

Our friends from The Swedest Deal are back with another great interview!

multiple hands reaching for a large trophy, with the sun in the background.

While playing poker online can be extremely fun, there is something undeniably appealing about organized events and tournaments that we can't get enough of. The electric atmosphere, lucrative prizes, and great company make those tournaments a must for avid poker fans.

A soccer ball surrounded by international flags on green grass

As Morocco knocks Portugal out of the World Cup tournament in Qatar and Argentina's last-minute win, the entire world is following the renowned soccer tournament with held breaths. Some of the best soccer superstars on the field, like Cristiano Ronaldo, didn't perform as well as they could have on the field – but what about their performance off of it?

man typing in a secret password on a computer.

In our day and age, playing poker online is as safe and secure as it could be – at least most of the time. Online gambling venues use the latest technology to allow players to place real money bets without worry, but sometimes, criminals still find a way around those security systems.

A woman holding a crown, surrounded by a mysterious mist and a dark background.

For many different reasons, women haven't been as active in poker as their male counterparts. Whether we're talking about participating in live tournaments or playing poker online, the majority of players are still male at this point in time.

UK flag appears on the background of the House of Parliament

The past year was rather tumultuous when it comes to UK politics: first, Boris Johnson resigned from his position as Prime Minister, only to be replaced by Liz Truss from the Conservative Party. 50 short days later, the latter resigned from her position as well, which is when Rishi Sunak stepped up to the plate.

baseball appears next to poker chips on a green background

Not everyone has to play poker to enjoy one of the most popular card games in the world. Sometimes, fans of live and online poker prefer not to partake in the rather risky activity, opting for watching the game unfold from the sidelines.

Interview with Chad Norman

Our friends of the video poker podcast series 'The Swedest Deal' are back with another great interview.

empty movie theater with the projector running

Casino games have been at the center of dozens of movies and TV shows over the years, as the rush and thrill that comes with gambling can be addictive even when administered in small doses through a screen.

title breaking news appears in the headlines of a newspaper

Poker is a highly dynamic game. Every week, new players are crowned as winners, shocking scandals are revealed, and poker fans can't get enough of the action. Whether you decide to play poker online or read poker news, there are many ways for you to feel like part of the poker community. The easiest way for you to do so requires keeping up with the latest news reports.

flag of the UK replacing one of the numbers on a roulette wheel

When former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, resigned from his position it became clear that the gambling reforms he was promoting might be in jeopardy. And now that Liz Truss has taken his place as the head of the British government, it seems that the highly anticipated changes won't take place anytime soon.

a zoom-in on the corners of the royal poker cards.

For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II was the reigning monarch in Britain, and she was a true icon. Her passing at the age of 96 signified the end of an era, and the British people – along with the entire world – couldn't help but mourn her loss.

A big button that says: "New challenge, start here".

How does a poker player turn from a professional gambler to a full-blown businessman and entrepreneur? Well, I guess we must ask Phil Galfond that question, as in the past few years he managed to do just that.

A pop art poster of a woman showing her muscles, saying: "we can do it".

Even though women are more than welcome at the tables, the poker industry is still a male-dominated world. When you look at the participants in WSOP events, other major events, and even the Poker Hall of Fame – you will mostly encounter men who strive to make a name for themselves.

fascial mask lying next to a keyboard, some spreadsheets, and a phone showing the words 'Covid-19 business impact'

From the moment Covid-19 entered our lives, the speculations started: how long will we practice social distancing? When will our lives return to normal? And how might this pandemic affect us in the long run?

Profit and Loss written on road signs pointed in opposite directions.

Dozens of WSOP events kept us captivated for weeks on end. Grand losses, surprising wins, and multiple scandals provided us with plenty of entertainment. And now that the tournament is coming to a close, we can take a closer look at some of the most exciting wins and losses that took place.

Which poker pros increased their net worth as they raked in poker wins? And who left the tables with lighter wallets? Let's take a look at how our favorite pros did this WSOP season!

An earth globe, poker chips, and dice lying on a stack of cash.

Summertime is often less lucrative when it comes to poker online statistics, as people are more prone to spend their time outside and enjoy the great weather. That is exactly why online casinos, including Everygame, offer the best deals and promotions to capture your attention in the height of summer!

What are the latest promotions you can enjoy? And do you need a reminder of the ongoing deals and offers you can get all year round? Take a closer look at what Everygame has to offer to every player this season!

Recap EPC 2022 Day 3

The third day of the main event at the European Poker Championship started with 27 players and luckily for us, one of them was Everygame Poker qualifier Ferenc.

Recap EPC 2022 Day 2

With three happy, though slightly tired players, Team Everygame Poker continued to play on Day 2 of the main event.

Recap EPC 2022 Day 1

At 3pm local time the three live-package winners started in the main event of the 31st edition of the European Poker Championships in Velden, Austria.

Everygame Poker at the EPC 2022

Following a two-year hiatus, the Everygame Poker team is pleased to be back at the European Poker Championship in Velden, Austria.

gun and bullets lying on top of a paper target

In a time when mass shootings happen way too often, it is no wonder that stress levels are high, and people sometimes prefer to play online poker from the comfort of their own homes. Only hours after the Main Even ended and the champion was announced, rumors of an active shooter in Las Vegas caused mayhem at the WSOP.

So far, 2022 has been a tough year for politics all around the world. The latest political drama that unfolded in the UK, as Boris Johnson resigned from his position as Prime Minister, is rattling the country – poker industry included.

By and large, poker is a rather inclusive activity that most people can partake in. Players with disabilities can easily play poker online without hassle, but they can also usually participate in live events with minimal adjustments.

The Swedest Deal Poker Podcast

Afer a short break our friends from 'The Swedest Deal' Poker Podcast are back with a new episode!

Three gold bracelets lying on a wooden table

Most WSOP events take place at a prestigious Las Vegas casino and poker rooms allowing players to have the perfect summer vacation while competing for the gold. But not everyone can afford to take time off and travel to Sin City, and they must look for alternative playing options.

Three friends sitting on a couch and reading the news with a shocked expression

From the day the WSOP starts and right up until the last day of the tournament, we hear constant updates on who won the biggest prizes. But what we often ignore is what kind of unusual incidents take place at those events, as those moments often take the back seat.

soccer ball lying next to poker chips and a stack of cash.

We've all heard about celebrities like Ben Affleck and Kevin Hart playing poker, as they managed to rake poker wins in the past. But did you know that start football player, Neymar Jr, is also a big fan of the game?

Gender symbols of both sexes on blue and red boxing gloves.

It is no secret that women are considered the underdog in poker. While they can be just as tough and successful as their male counterparts, there aren't as many women playing poker online or live.

Two hands holding a read heart

At first glance, poker seems like a solitary activity. When the stakes are high, it's every man for himself. But when the rush of the game is over and the adrenaline leaves their system, poker players are left with one thing: a sense of community.

winning podium drawn on a chalkboard

Out of all poker events hosted all over the world, the World Series of Poker is probably the most popular and interesting one. Every year, thousands of poker enthusiasts choose to travel far to join the events themselves or follow the action online. Either way, most of the poker community consumes WSOP action for weeks on end.

farewell message written on a typewriter

Although it often seems as if every poker game is full of intrigue and smack talk, the poker community is still a tight one. So, when poker pros have good reasons to celebrate, they do it together. And when tragedy hits one pro – it hits all of us pretty hard.

The Terra Luna cryptocurrency symbol appears on a blue background, appearing alongside a downward arrow.

For some years now, crypto-based poker venues gained popularity. As the value of popular cryptocurrencies skyrocketed, the number of poker players who began to rake in poker wins increased exponentially. But suddenly, the value of a few popular cryptocurrencies dropped overnight.

masked man speaking on a phone

While technology helped turn online poker into a rather safe gambling environment, cheating scandals still arise from time to time. Earlier this year, Martin Zamani accused Bryn Kenney of being involved in a cheating scheme. And while no official charges have been made, the court of public opinion is already in session.

woman reading a news article on a tablet, titled scandal unfolds

We all love some drama here and there. And luckily, the poker industry doesn't lack juicy stories to capture our attention! This week, three poker pros participated in poker-related scandals: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, and Bryn Kenney.

spade trophy is displayed with a poker room in the background.

Any poker player who aspires to join the big leagues and compete against top poker pros someday needs one thing: a source of inspiration. Looking at poker pros making a name for themselves and managing to rake poker wins can help you keep your eyes on the ball (or poker cards).

The words player 1 vs. player 2 appear on a battle scoreboard.

High-caliber poker rivalries always manage to capture our attention and invigorate our hearts. But why is that? Are we drawn to the conflict? To the heated exchange of opinions and insults? Or do we simply enjoy watching top-notch players showing off their skills?

roulette table, poker chips, and cards all laid out over a map of Ukraine.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the world has been in chaos. Millions of people turned into refugees overnight, dozens of companies boycotted Russia and Belarus, and the world's economy has changed almost instantly. All of which affected even the online poker industry.

woman sitting next to an empty chair in the ocean

The global poker community has had some ups and downs this year. While celebrating the return of live poker games, we also had to say goodbye to some beloved poker pros. Now it's the right time to remember those the poker community has lost in this Everygame poker tribute.

toy plane placed on a wooden table next to a passport and flight tickets

As the number of new COVID cases has been steadily decreasing in recent weeks, many countries have eased their flight and isolation restrictions. That means that poker players can now participate in live poker events with minimal effort, instead of sticking to playing poker online. But is it worth it?

golden medal with a snowflake engraved on it

For most of February 2022, the best athletes in the world will congregate to compete in winter sports. And interestingly enough, the Winter Olympics have a lot more in common with online poker than you might think!

A pile of calculator strips filled with calculations.

Some people thought that online poker login rates reached their peak in 2020 and that once COVID restrictions would lift, online gambling would no longer be as popular. But alas, they were wrong!

 picture of two cowboys getting ready for a duel

Watching poker pros use all their poker skills to beat each other is a spectacular experience. The only thing better than watching a poker duel is witnessing a re-match between two legends!

casino chips and 4 Aces sitting on a laptop keyboard

The first rule of playing online poker is to stay well within your budget limits. But sometimes, the excitement gets the best of players, and they get carried away. It is in everyone's best interests to fight the potential damage gambling can inflict, which is how Stop Gambling Harm was born.

Poker chips, red dice, a present package, and Christmas decorations on a poker table.

The days leading to New Year's Eve are always full of magic and excitement. On Christmas, the online poker community celebrates the holiday season with some spectacular bonuses that often last until New Year's and beyond!

Poker chips next to a whisky glass, with poker cards in a gloved hand.

For a while, poker players believed that COVID restrictions might be a thing of the past, but reality quickly brought them back to their senses. Since the Omicron took over the world, many countries are going back to some of the familiar COVID regulations. And understandably, those affect the way the poker industry operates.

A pack of cards spelling out the word "COVID", appearing on the background of poker chips.

The WSOP, which takes place in the US, finally came to a spectacular conclusion, and the popular event has now moved to another continent. In late November, the first events of the WSOP Europe took place in the Czech Republic, but not all poker fans were excited about the news.

The flag of the Netherlands and the word "poker" appear as parts of a keyboard.

Up until recently, some European countries only offered land-based gambling options, excluding online poker from the mix. That meant that only unregulated operators were able to provide gambling services to local players. Now, a new law that affects the gambling market in the Netherlands, is set to change this reality.

Poker chips, four aces, and police handcuffs lying on a poker table.

Like every year, we've been following all WSOP while holding our breath, waiting for spectacular stories to keep us entertained. And of course, the most anticipated poker event of the years doesn't disappoint!

A man reading a poker news column on a tablet.

October has been a particularly exciting month for the poker industry. Apart from the WSOP providing poker fans with a great deal of entertainment, multiple events took place that captured the attention of most players.

A woman raking a pile of poker chips.

WSOP events always have interesting themes that spark the interest of all participants. Some events are dedicated to certain charities, like the Covid-19 Relief Charity Event, while others try to attract the attention of specific groups of players. One of those events is the Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship, which started on October 11, 2021.

A calendar showing the month of October, near a wooden mug.

Oktoberfest is one of the most popular folk festivals that normally take place in Germany. But since the festival was cancelled in the past two years, alternative ways to celebrate this event are now available. And you're in luck! Everygame offers a diverse selection of promos and tournaments you can enjoy this October.

A pair of aces, appearing near a stack of cash and poker chips.

The WSOP 2021 is already in full swing, bringing us daily updates that fascinate the entire poker community. Each morning, we hear of shocking poker wins, new players outshining seasoned pros, and memories being made at the poker tables.

A pile of poker chips and a stack of cash lying on a laptop, while the screen shows the word "win".

Like every year, when the WSOP events are fast approaching, little else occupies the minds of avid poker fans. Which poker pros will assert their dominance at the poker tables yet again? Will new talents be uncovered? Who will win the Main Event? And will the WSOP events affect the way we use poker bonuses?

Three miniature people standing on a podium made of wooden blocks.

Phil Galfond's challenge has been a part of our lives for many months, getting poker fans through pretty dark times. And even though the challenge has lost momentum, it still generates some buzz at the best poker sites.

An "online" street sign facing the opposite direction of an "offline" sign.

COVID-19 has taught us one thing: nothing is guaranteed. Since the moment the WSOP organizers announced they plan to host some of the events live, the rules and COVID restrictions have changed multiple times – confusing poker players all across the country.

Multiple hands reaching out for a golden trophy.

The WSOP is one of the anticipated poker events of the year. Every player dreams of winning a bracelet and joining the ranks of legendary pros who have achieved this status beforehand.

A woman sadly sitting in front of a laptop placed on a poker table.

The poker community had to deal with some sad news recently: Matt Marafioti, a Canadian poker pro, was found dead at the age of 33. And although Marafioti hasn't played in high-scale games and tournaments in a while, he is still a rather well-known figure in the industry.

A person filling out a survey with a pen.

In the past year and a half, online poker has become popular due to the fact it often was the safest – and sometimes an only – available option. But now that land-based casinos have re-opened, an important question arose: is online poker still a relevant thing?

A picture of a red social distancing floor sticker.

Once again, the world has to deal with a rise in COVID-19 cases. And it is bound to affect the poker community! The best online poker games have become more popular than ever, while land-based casinos have to fight to keep their doors open.

A silver clock, with the words "make the most of it" appearing instead of numbers.

The summer is nearly over, but the heat is not letting off – on and off the screen. As major tournaments are scheduled to begin in the upcoming months, including some WSOP events, poker fans are getting excited.

A player sitting in front of a computer screen, watching a dealer revealing poker cards.

In the past 18 months, land-based poker rooms have either been closed or had to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions and social-distancing rules. That's why the industry had to adjust and offer alternative gambling options.

A man holding a red warning sign over wooden blocks that spell the word FRAUD.

One of the biggest myths in gambling – and online poker in particular – is that the house always wins. Some people might even be reluctant to placing real money bets due to the fear of seeing their money disappear at the best poker sites.

A "sorry, we're closed" sign posted at the entrance of a restaurant.

We thought the worst was behind us when it comes to Covid and that we can go back to pre-pandemic routines. But can we? In recent weeks, there has been a rise in Covid-19 cases all around the world, and US casinos are probably be affected by it sooner rather than later.

A confused person standing in front of multiple crossroad signs, trying to decide which way to go.

As nowadays, online poker is more popular than ever before, the number of available gambling venues rises every year. And while the selection of online casinos is impressive, it can present poker players with a unique problem: which casino should I join? What is the best online poker venue I can find?

Three women sitting at the poker table, drinking champagne.

For many years, gender equality in poker has been discussed at length. While in the past, playing poker online and offline was reserved mainly for men, things have been changing slowly but surely.

Four aces appear on a computer screen, surrounded by piles of poker chips.

Bonuses and promotions are an important part of your online poker experience, as they can easily boost your wins in surprising ways. You can make the most of lucrative poker welcome bonuses, monthly promotions, and exhilarating tournaments regularly.

Man holding his head while sitting at the poker table.

As poker enthusiasts, most of us love watching an intense match unfold on or off the screen. We love to analyze every move, pore over every spectacular straight flush hand, and try to guess: which of the participants will be declared the winner?

A judge's gavel laying on top of a laptop, appearing alongside cards, money, and poker chips.

For many years, the Wire Act has been a source of controversy in the US. Every time a new president entered the White House, poker players had to adjust to new rules, changing the way they use poker bonuses and play the game.

A defamation law book appearing alongside a gavel.

And the Mike Postle saga continues. After making headlines for almost two years, the notorious poker player is rocking the poker world yet again. But this time around, it seems as if the Postle case might come to a close once and for all.

A gloved hand of a thief, holding a credit card, reaching out of a laptop screen.

Poker-related fraud cases make the news every once in a while, but they tend to be smaller-scale crimes. This time around, however, a man from New Jersey committed fraud of epic proportions. News reports state that the police have arrested a man who stole 1,800 identities to play poker online and place bets online without limitations. But that's not all!

A picture of two hands with boxing gloves on, touching before a fight.

The past year has brought us an unprecedented number of exciting poker matches. After we've watched Phil Galfond and Daniel Negreanu fighting for the title of the best online poker player, now two other pros are doing the same.

Students throwing their academic hats in the air.

Every poker pro knows that the game teaches you invaluable life lessons. Apart from teaching you a lot about math, mobile poker also has a lot of influence on the player's character. Poker can teach you a lot about confidence, dealing with intimidating opponents, and making decisions in stressful situations.

A map of the US with poker chips, cards, a roulette table, and lucky number "7" appearing on it

Recently, a new trend has emerged. Every few months, the poker community wakes up to find out that another US state is planning on regulating online poker. And this time, it is Connecticut's turn to join the excitement!

A picture of a computer keyboard, with the map of Florida on one key.

For many years, online poker was allowed but unregulated all across the US. But luckily, things are changing. Slowly but surely, many US states are regulating online gambling, allowing local players to play the game and win cash prizes with straight flush combos.

A photo of a suited man, shackled to a computer while holding his head in his hands.

Every mobile poker player knows that gambling can turn into addiction if not treated carefully. And even though problem gambling has been discussed at length over the years, and it seemed as if there is nothing more to say about the subject, the issue has resurfaced as a result of Covid-19.

A woman sitting in a car, holding a passport.

At the beginning of 2020, the unthinkable happened: countries closed their borders to non-essential travel to try and regain control over Covid-19 spreading rates. And now, more than a year later, many countries still keep their borders closed, as the world is still dealing with the raging pandemic.

A photo of a hand, clasping a mask.

COVID-19 has been a part of our lives for about 18 months now, becoming an inseparable part of our lives. And while many countries still battle with the virus, others show promising signs of getting life back to normal.

Everygame Poker Streamers WANTED!

Everygame Poker is now live on with its new crew of poker connoisseurs, The Heat Team!

An image of a pile of medals, gold, silver, and bronze.

In the past year, Daniel Negreanu has made headlines multiple times, as he was involved in numerous feuds and intense poker battles.

man in a suit with his hands in handcuffs behind his back.

The legal status of online poker has been discussed in detail over the years. At this moment in time, many countries allow citizens to enjoy online poker welcome bonuses even if online gambling has been forbidden in general.

A man and a woman pulling each other back and forth in a tug-of-war

For a while there, we all believed that the Postle sage was all done and dusted. But alas, this poker player is making headlines again, and the poker community enjoys the entertaining news even more than a flush poker win!

A photo of the statue of liberty with a sky background

We often think of New York - the 4th most populated state in the US - as a progressive and modern state. And while it is true in many cases, the Empire State has been lagging behind when it comes to promoting online gambling.

A happy desk calendar holding a trophy

Spring is already upon us, bringing a breath of fresh air to Everygame. New and exciting promotions are now available to everyone who desires to play online poker without delay.

A photo of a man arm wrestling against a woman.

In recent years, women have become a major part of the poker community around the globe. But even though they are generally accepted at the poker tables, they still face massive difficulties on occasion.

A picture of a COVID-19 vaccine bottle.

After a long waiting period, many countries around the world began to roll out vaccines. The uncertainty and chaos that accompanied us throughout this year are now replaced with a sense of hope – especially when it comes to gambling.

a piggy bank with glasses next to a chalk board showing $+$=$$

In the past year, the online poker industry flourished all over the world, as it became crystal clear that online venues are irreplaceable due to their accessibility.

photo of the sky with the word Change in clouds

At the beginning of 2020, it was hard to believe life could change in the blink of an eye. But here we are, a year after COVID-19 came into our lives, adjusting to new routines and social norms.

An image of a player throwing poker chips in the air.

Michigan joined the online poker frenzy fairly recently, and in no time at all – it managed to attract the attention of the masses. In the span of one month, Michigan has generated more online poker revenues than many other US states – which many consider that occurrence a straight flush win.

A picture of a big, fat history book

Online poker in 2021 looks very different than what it used to be a decade or two ago. You can attribute those changes to various life-altering events that took place during that time, changing the way we all play poker online.

a gift box opened with coins flying out of it

Are you familiar with the saying, every end is a new beginning? That has never been truer. As February comes to a close, Everygame poker players get to enjoy a spectacular selection of poker promotions, available till the end of the month.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

COVID-19 restrictions in many states across the US begin to ease, and it finally seems as of almost a year-long routine is about to change. Slowly but surely, entertainment venues all across the country begin to open their doors – although not as freely as we might have wanted.

drawing of two boxers, one red and one blue

In the past year, the online poker arena provided us with a much-needed reprieve from our daily lives. Many fun events and challenges took place online, taking over Everygame headlines left and right.

white talk bubble with the word NEWS on a red background

2021 has only begun, but it already managed to provide us with some exciting headlines – even more enthralling than a straight flush poker win.

judge sitting at his place pounding his gavel on the desk.

When the Federal Wire Act was first released in 1961, no one knew it will spark so many debates even sixty years later. At the time, this law focused on sports betting, as mobile poker and such weren't something the authorities had to worry about.

drawing of a Queen and King playing cards

Poker cards have looked the same for quite some time, and most people didn't question their design or meaning. For many decades, the higher-valued cards were represented by members of the royal family – kings, queens, and princes.

drawing of a perfectly balanced scale on a blue background

When you play poker online, there are dozens of different tactics you can employ to increase your chances of winning. But even though they might all be useful, some strategies contradict one another, and you need to know exactly how and when to use them.

US 100 dollar bills

Sheldon Adelson, an American businessman - and billionaire - died on January 11, 2021. At the age of 87, he lost his battle with cancer, after almost two years of treatments. And while Adelson owned many businesses, he will be mostly remembered for his involvement in the gambling industry.

business man cutting a red ribbon

While Everygame Poker has always accepted players from Michigan this article is about a change in the Michigan law regarding online poker rooms operating from within Michigan. 

hand holding a golden crystal ball and 2021 written on it

After the year we've had, there is no doubt that online and offline gambling will never be the same. Those who play poker online might have already noticed some emerging trends, but are they here to stay?

red carpet leading up to bright lights

On December 30, right before the glorious New Year's celebrations, another poker pro was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Huck Seed became the 59th member of this exclusive club, earning him a spot in the pages of poker history for good.

red letters Challenge Accepted on a white background

Before we became preoccupied with the latest Negreanu and Polk grudge match, there were other poker rivalries to keep us entertained. For months, we followed the Galfond Challenge and its outcomes, but since COVID-19 began spreading, we heard very little about it.

2020 with poker chips as the zeros

At long last, 2020 came to a close, and many breathed a sigh of relief as this stressful and eventful year was put behind us. But even though the past year hasn't been easy on us, it wasn't necessarily all bad.

a black chalk board with New Year's Resolutions and colorful Post-its below

Writing new resolutions for the upcoming year is a great tradition many people around the world cherish. By putting all your greatest wishes into words, you make your dreams more tangible and more achievable.

best icon

Since 1979, the best poker players get the chance to compete for a spot in the Poker Hall of Fame every year. In the past, the nomination process was fairly easy, and multiple players could get inducted simultaneously.

empty land-based casino floor

Good news: multiple companies are ready to release COVID-19 vaccines, raising hope in the hearts of millions of people around the globe. At the same time, restrictions are lifting. Therefore, some aspects of life are getting back to the new normal, and that includes the gambling industry.

cartoon drawing of one boxer knocking out the other

On November 4th, the most anticipated poker grudge match of the year began. Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk started the intense battle with Negreanu in the lead, but things have changed a lot since the first game.

a holiday scene with two glasses of champagne

The end of the year is getting nearer, and the poker industry is buzzing with excitement. Every time you go through the Everygame login process – you are presented with new, festive bonuses you can't ignore.

green door with No Entry sign on it

In the past nine months, life as we knew it changed dramatically. At first, adjusting to the new pandemic restrictions was tough on everyone – especially poker players all around the globe.

scale with money on one side

Who doesn't love watching two poker legends compete in a battle of wit? Especially eternal rivals like Negreanu and Polk, who never tried to disguise their contempt for one another? Apart from learning new moves, which you can use on your next poker download session, these kinds of battles are simply too exhilarating to ignore!

Safer Gambling Week logo

Between the 19th and 25th of November, the UK and Ireland have been in the throes of Safer Gambling Week. This week's goal is to remind members of the poker online community that you can enjoy the game – and win with straight flush combinations – without taking unnecessary risks.

globe and social behavior before and after covid-19

For almost a year, the entire world has been dealing with a global pandemic. Everything in our lives has changed: the way we work or study, the way we communicate, and – not surprisingly – the way we play mobile poker.

picture of the White House

It's official: America now has a new president, and the turbulent year can finally come to a somewhat peaceful close. But even though the elections are over and done with, we won't soon forget the heated debates surrounding both Biden and Trump – especially the ones concerning those who play poker online.

the words Poker Challenge in neon lights with a crown and spade, heart, diamond club above the words

COVID-19 is responsible for the unusual circumstances that lead people to play poker download games more than ever before. The new focus on online venues directs the limelight to the Galfond challenge and the inspiring story of the mastermind behind the project.

tablet and phone screens showing poker cards and a German flag

While the legal status of download poker has changes in numerous US states, a major European country is striving to revise its gambling laws as well.

A sign depicting two poker outcomes - win / lose

The human brain is a fascinating thing. When the time comes to assess whether we are good at a particular skill or not, most people will go down one of two roads: either we will underestimate our abilities, or overestimate them.

road sign indicating Michigan

Previously, we reported that Michigan was expected to legalize online poker during 2021.  Now we have an update....

illustration of two knights in a sword fight

It is now official: the most anticipated grudge match in recent years will start on November 4th. Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu have been feuding for years, ever since Negreanu called Polk out for offending other poker players more than 4 years ago.

an illustration of a blue boxing glove and red boxing glove punching each other

For many months, we've been following the Galfond challenge and the surprising outcomes of the matches. But in April of this year, Galfond took a break from the game, and the matches only got renewed in late September.

wooden gavel

Mike Postle, best known for his role in the notorious cheating scandal that took place last year, hasn't had the last word. The poker player, who was sued for supposedly cheating on multiple occasions, now filed a counter-sue against his former accusers.

poker player not showing his face

While some of the best online poker players often enjoy reveling in their success, not everyone feels comfortable in the spotlight. In recent years, several of the biggest winners in online games played under an unfamiliar nickname, and their identity remains a secret.

scam alert

Poker scams are rare, but not unheard of in the gambling industry. While it is relatively safe to play poker online, from time to time, poker players can fall victim to one scheme or another. This time around, an elaborate scam got $20,000 out of two poker pros.

The scandalous cheating case, involving Mike Postle and the Stones Gambling Hall, has been occupying poker players for almost a year now. And after months of waiting, the matter is finally coming to an end.

fortune teller

The past year has been an interesting one for the online poker industry. Social distancing and additional restrictions had affected both live and online casinos, especially those allowing people to play poker.

a diverse group of multi-ethnic people

Throughout history, poker was a game played by men from all walks of life. Rich and poor, working-class or upper class – male players got to enjoy the card game regularly. But women, and certain age groups, were often excluded from playing poker due to social limitations.

a calculator on the table surrounded by poker chips

Every season and every approaching holiday inspire online casinos to come up with new and exciting promotions to accompany the ever-present poker welcome bonuses.

tons of poker chips falling onto a poker table

Watching and following the results of poker tournaments can be quite beneficial if you're trying to improve your poker play. Apart from being highly entertaining, watching some of the best online poker players compete against each other can teach you a lot about the games itself.

Safe gambling has always been – and always will be – an important issue that affects every poker online player. Naturally, poker should be an enjoyable experience, and never exceeding your betting limits is a big part of it.

Two poker enthusiasts. One long rivalry. Zero patience left. That is how the story of Negreanu's grudge match starts, and the entire online poker world is buzzing with excitement.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) event is one of the most popular poker tournaments in the world.

It has been known for quite some time that Michigan is planning to legalize online poker in upcoming months. A new report shows how soon locals will be able to enjoy poker no deposit bonuses and under what conditions.

2020 is halfway over, and it is pretty clear that this year has been good for the online casino world. Unsurprisingly, new players joined casinos in droves, having fun with the best poker bonuses and online tournaments every day.

dollars and credit cards

Evolution Gaming, one of the leading software providers that offer live online poker games, has made an exciting announcement in June 2020. Shocking the gambling community, the company made a move to acquire another popular online casino games provider – NetEnt.

Daniel Negreanu, a renowned poker pro, recently announced that he set his heart on winning a WSOP bracelet this year. The World Series of Poker is one of the most coveted poker tournaments in the world, and it usually takes place at a land-based venue. This year, however, chances are the competition will have to take place online. Therefore, the WSOP winner will also get the title of the best online poker player of 2020.

woman holding cards

One of the most coveted hands in offline and online poker is the straight flush. And while most poker players wish to get a flush when playing poker, it doesn’t happen often enough.

chart showing increased activity

Winter is often the best season for online gambling, as more people play poker online when it’s cold outside. And this year is no different! First-quarter reports are coming in from Europe, and they all say the same: online poker is more popular than ever.

In recent weeks, the web has been filled with rumours about a new poker scandal. Bill Perkins, the high stakes poker player from Texas, left mysterious hints about a cheating incident. However, he chose not to tell the public much. According to his tweets, it supposedly happened on a poker download app or online platform.

guy and girl celeb

Poker is a universal game, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. That includes businessmen and women, blue-collar workers, actors, and even famous athletes.

The past couple of years have been tumultuous for the gambling world, as various scandals rattled the industry. They have affected the way players react to new tournaments, poker promotions, and even friendly games. But are those scandals all behind us? Or is there another storm brewing?

The first five months in 2020 have been rather lucrative for online casinos and gamblers alike. As the number of people who visited the best poker sites grew dramatically, so did the potential prize pools.

Since COVID-19 turned into a global issue, we’ve had to adjust to a new routine and way of life. And while we had to learn how to work from home and how to communicate via apps and social media, we also had to seek new sources of entertainment.

Once upon a time, people recognized Phil Galfond for his great achievements in the poker field. But nowadays, the poker savant is mostly associated with the online poker challenge he initiated.

In the past few months, our lives have taken an unexpected turn. And while some are struggling to adapt to all the drastic changes, a few unexpected perks managed to delight online poker players.

Up until a few months ago, there were two types of poker players: poker pros who played live, and those who ruled poker online venues. And most of the time, those two worlds didn’t mix. But now, poker players have to adjust to a new reality.

give hands holding letters

Time and time again, the online poker community proves that it has more to offer than a fun environment to play games at the best poker sites. In times of need, gambling venues, poker pros, and amateur players manage to come together and do some good.

What is the connection between poker promotions and the updates from the Galfond challenge? That’s right: both can help you increase your wins as you play poker online!

keyboard with swedish flag

As quarantine and social distancing are still being enforced in most countries around the globe, online poker is more popular than ever. But while the masses are enjoying playing games and using available poker welcome bonuses, it appears that not everyone is happy with the situation.

four aces on a table with a judges gavel on them

New developments in the case against alleged cheater Mike Postle had made it to the best poker sites, sending the entire poker community into a state of frenzy.

drawing of a red padlock on a white background

Cyber-attacks halted the operations of gambling apps and poker online venues on two separate occasions in recent months. That is not the first time in history hackers have tried to obtain personal information through gambling venues, but the proximity of those attacks is worrisome.

drawing of two hands shaking that form a heart

As the future of the gambling industry is in danger, poker pros rally together to help out those who are affected by the drastic - and potentially life-altering - changes.

deserted roads

Unusual circumstances often lead to some unpredictable outcomes and responses, as was proven by a few poker pros in recent weeks. The COVID-19 virus has managed to send the world into a spin, and people have to adjust to new situations quicker than ever.

an online poker player with his laptop sitting at a real poker table

From the moment the Coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19 virus, began to spread outside of China, it was clear the gambling industry will undergo some massive changes.

group of young adults celebrating

The US is not the only country in the world that moves towards legalizing online gambling within its borders. Germany now joins other European countries that understand how beneficial poker online venues can be to the economy.

poker chips scattered on a table with a globe of the earth

In recent months, the online poker industry has seen a lot of changes, mainly thanks to the effects of the fast-spreading Coronavirus. Some of the best poker sites have seen more traffic than usual, while other gambling venues have experienced new and unpredictable transformations.

A photo of Imagine Dragons and the logo of the Tyler Robinson Foundation

It was recently reported that Imagine Dragons, one of the most popular pop-rock bands in the US, has a surprising connection to gambling and poker welcome bonuses.

photo of Gordon Ramsay

Have you ever heard about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? You probably have. Apart from owning multiple successful restaurants, he also appears in popular reality cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchens, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, and more.

Al Alvarez sitting at his desk in a book-covered room.

Al Alvarez, acclaimed author of The Biggest Game in Town, has died of pneumonia the age of 90. The Biggest Game in Town, about the 1981 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, is considered by many to be the best book ever written about the game of poker.

WSOP logo

Robert Campbell of Melbourne, Australia, has been crowned the World Series of Poker Player of the Year for 2019. The Player of the Year award capped an extraordinary year for Campbell that included two World Series of Poker gold bracelets.

photo of Phil Galfond

The internet has been buzzing ever since new reports concerning the “Galfond Challenge” became public knowledge.

More poker pros accepted the invitation to compete against ex-pro poker player Phil Galfond, and poker enthusiasts can’t wait for the games to begin.

beer, poker chips, cards and tablet on a table

The entire world has been preoccupied with the Coronavirus in recent weeks, as everyone wants to know how it is going to affect the world as we know it.

A photo of Australia’s bushfires

Australia has been dealing with catastrophic bushfires for more than two months now, which led to some disastrous consequences, the dimensions of which are hard to grasp. Lives were lost, properties were damaged, and wildlife has suffered greatly.

a photo of Andrew Yang speaking at a California Democratic convention

Andrew Yang, the democratic entrepreneur who went into politics, was the only presidential candidate that supported online gambling and saw the potential of poker welcome bonuses.

photo of a poker player holding two aces and raking in a pile of chips

One of the most important steps a player has to take to become the best online poker player includes understanding how to control bet sizes. When should you play it safe and place small bets? And when should you leave the impression that you are ready to go all-in?

winner's cup

Earlier this year Phil Galfond, the founder of “Run It Once Poker”, challenged his fellow poker pros to a series of challenges for all the world to witness. Six online poker players accepted the challenge, agreeing to face off against Galfond, and the entire poker online community held their breath while waiting for the first event to start.

playing cards in a poker hand and a gavel

The scandal surrounding Mike Postle, who was caught cheating by observant poker online enthusiasts, refuses to die down. According to news reports, Postle has been trying to delay his court appearance by any means possible.

two hands shaking forming a heart

Online casinos are often described as fun, but not many people consider them as good for the community. However, new bills that propose to legalize poker promotions across the US show that online poker has a lot to contribute to society.

Lots of poker chips stacked up

Do you know what does the average poker pro make in major tournaments? Taking a look at some of the biggest wins at the best poker sites -like Everygame Poker - will give you an idea of how much you can win if you decide to take your love for the game to an entirely new level.

2020 using casino poker chips for the zeros

The gambling industry is an ever-changing platform. Every year, new gambling venues pop up all over the internet, new games become available, and new poker promotions elevate the players’ spirits.

a person behind a podium, giving a speech in front of a room filled with people.

The issue of legalizing poker online in the US has always been something the public discussed, but it rarely caught the attention of major public figures.

India map

Online poker is gaining in popularity all around the globe. Since various states across the US legalized online gambling, the number of gamblers who opted for playing poker online seemed to increase.

A picture of a gavel, on a poker table

The legal status of online gambling in India was brought into question yet again. In November, India's high court approached the government with a demand: decide on the legal status of online poker once and for all.

A gavel on the background of the US flag

The battle over the new interpretation of the Wire Act started almost a year ago, but the drama isn’t over, and the future of the best poker sites in the US remains unclear.

slot machines  with the UK flag in the background

A lot of gamblers and poker pros think online gambling is a fun and relaxing activity. However, not everyone holds the same opinion, as some people only look at the risky side of gambling.

An “approved” stamp near the Michigan state flag.

The legality of online poker across the US has been in discussion for a while, as various states began fighting the restrictions preventing gamblers from enjoying the game.

A photo of Bicknell holding a trophy.

The Global Poker Index, aka GPI, keeps track of all poker pros in the world and their ranking. Apart from the general list where men and women are judged equally, GPI also dedicated a separate list solely to women poker pros.

the word "cheating" with a no-entrance sign

When poker pros get involved in scandals for whatever reason, the entire poker community is affected by the incident. Last month, a well-known player was accused of cheating while playing the live-streamed poker games at the Stones Gambling Hall in California.

A man wearing a hoodie sitting in front of a laptop holding cards with handcuffs on

New reports are coming in regarding a Danish player who was prosecuted for cheating at online poker venues for six years, each incident is quite scandalous.

a robot playing poker

Facebook’s Pluribus might be the first AI to beat pro poker players at their own game, but it is not the first bot to ever challenge players who play poker online.

robotic hand holding cards

Merely a few months ago, Facebook revealed they developed an AI called Pluribus, which can outsmart even pro poker players. At first, the AI was met with a shocked and subdued response, as people were impressed with the progressive tech, but the implications of such a change remained unclear.

Two millennials looking at their tablet together

Millennials, AKA generation Y, are becoming the more dominant generation all around the globe. Generally speaking, people born anywhere from the mid-‘90s to early 2000s are considered as part of this generation.

A graph showing a rise in revenue

Pennsylvania has been planning to legalize poker online for a long while, and finally, the dream came true in November of this year.

a small pile and a big pile of poker chips

In the spirit of transparency, the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey releases monthly revenue reports. The latest report, summarizing October’s revenues, shows some interesting changes in gambling trends.

a devastated player seated at a poker table

Reports regarding a man who committed suicide after losing at the best poker sites should remind you of one important lesson: never gamble if you can’t afford to lose!

a fork in the road

The question regarding what motivates a person to play poker online often occupies the minds of players and non-players alike.

A no-entry sign with a poker table in the background

For months and months, we’ve been waiting for online gambling to reach the state of Pennsylvania. Finally, on June 15th, the dream became a reality.

a poker table with dollar signs floating above

Every year, countries release quarterly reports depicting trends and changes in the gambling industry. Those reports give us an insight into what kind of changes you can expect to see in your casino of choice.

Wall Street type ticker going across a phone screen

All poker players go through a natural process the more they play, evolving with each game. It takes a long while for players to learn the game’s rules and develop enough confidence in their skills before they start winning.

Everygame Poker on a screen

It is no secret that women used to, and they still do, earn less money than their male counterparts – no matter what field of work comes to mind. From actors to businesswomen, most women had to deal with gender discrimination in their work environment.

map of the Philippines

The gambling industry in the Philippines was always a prominent source of income for the locals, but things might change for the worse in the future.

"safety" written on a key on a laptop keyboard

One of the key elements of a successful gambling session is a sense of security.

a collage of top poker pros Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Selbst, and Mark Fleddermann

When you watch a poker game unfold, especially when it comes down to the cream of the crop, there is no denying the fact that those talented people leave their hearts on the table, alongside their cards.

motorcycles and poker cards

When you talk about playing poker, people often believe that you can either play at a land-based casino or play poker online. However, poker appears in different shapes and forms, one of which is the poker run.

currency symbols floating around

There are two reasons why people opt for playing online casino games rather than visiting a land-based casino: the accessibility, and the accompanying bonuses that can boost every win.

a human brain

In our day and age, the most popular pastime activities include a screen of some sort. While some enjoy the movies or watching TV, others prefer to use their smartphones or computers to access the best poker sites out there.

robot playing cards

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been a part of our culture in decades, but for the most part, it was a fantasy. A theme for a great movie, or a distant dream that we only heard about in passing.

logo of WSOP

Millions of people all around the world enjoy playing poker. Some play poker online, while others stick to classic, real-life tournaments.

Donald Trump playing poker

American President Donald Trump recently gave an exclusive interview to reporters from Time Magazine.  The cover of that issue, with President Trump in the Oval Office, went viral on the internet.  It read, “My Entire Life is a Bet”.  That heading and the enormous response it got from supporters and detractors both, prompted us to ask what we as online poker players could learn from Mr. Trump.

poker dictionary

It may be that poker has contributed more words to the English language than any other sport or pastime.  In this third part of our series of terms that English has adapted from poker and other gambling games, we will focus on terms that imply risk-taking.

online poker player smiling

We usually think of tells as little nose scratches, lip curls, sitting upright suddenly or slouching just as suddenly.  These and many others are in-person tells.  Online poker has its own set of tells, too.

a math book with a "do not enter" stamp on it

The modern game of poker is strongly mathematical.  It is truly important to learn how to use poker math to win more money.  But there are many other elements that go into poker excellence.

Poker player

Poker has become the game of the century.  A poker player can be out of shape, too old to play physical sports, or simply not inclined to sports as such.  Poker is an amazingly challenging game that has gained exponentially more players in the 21st century than it ever had before.

Dictionary open to poker terms

The language of poker is so rich that we use many poker or other gambling terms in everyday speech.  At Everygame Poker, we are as interested in the language of poker as we are in the minutiae of how to play poker.  This is the second article that explains how different poker terms have entered the English language.

a clock showing 9 to 5

In most countries, little boys, and increasingly many little girls, dream about becoming star athletes.  American kids fantasize about hitting a home run in the World Series or leading their team to a Super Bowl win.  For the massively overwhelming majority, it’s best to work towards getting and holding a good “day job”.

player winning a poker tournament

A new study called Hedge Fund Hold’em by Yan Lu, Sandra Mortal, and Sagata Ray was reported on in Bloomberg.  The study came to the conclusion that playing poker helped hedge fund managers succeed.  The study explored both online poker and land based poker.

group of friends playing poker

The mathematics of poker have to do with such formerly arcane ideas as expected value.  However, there are some old-fashioned ideas about poker that many players these days either ignore altogether or give less importance than they give to mathematical minutiae.

Chris Moneymaker

Bluffing is a major part of poker.  Everyone has to bluff at some time and to figure out that an opponent is bluffing sometimes.  But some bluffs are legendary.  Chris Moneymaker started a poker boom with a single bluff that has gone down in history as the Bluff of the Century.

Donald Trump with an Ace up his sleeve

Donald Trump never held an elective office until he was elected President of the United States.  In many ways, he has shown characteristics like those of the best poker players.  It could be that Donald Trump is a “poker great” turned politician.  He is certainly unlike any American politician in living memory.

Desk piled high with poker books

There is an internal contradiction in modern-day poker that points to both the difficulty of becoming great and the myriad opportunities to learn from your and other players’ mistakes.  The contradiction is that there are so many poker players that a vast number are amateurs while so many players means that even among the amateurs many of them will be top-notch players!

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the view of a WSOP poker room

The fiftieth annual World Series of Poker opened on 28 May in Las Vegas.  Every year more and more online poker players qualify for or enter the WSOP.  Their presence is a far cry from 2003 when Chris Moneymaker became the first WSOP finals winner after qualifying at an online poker tournament.

poker player with a calculator

Many poker players, especially new ones, flinch at the mere juxtaposition of the words poker and math.  The problem is that these players use hunches when they should consider the “odds”.  So, we decided to try to simplify poker math for you.

poker player with question marks over his chips

Poker is a game in which we have to make reasoned decisions without complete information.  Many of the decisions we make in our everyday lives also involve insufficient information but we have to make these decisions anyway.  What can we learn from poker and what can poker players learn from decision-making in general?

poker players sleeping on the table

If there is one thing that all poker players have to face at some time or another, it is the “ready availability” of tilt.  This means that poker can drive you crazy quite easily if you let it, so don’t you let it!  Poker can drive you mad whether you play poker online or on land.

confused poker player

Poker is only about 150 years old but in that short time, it has developed a language of its own!   Poker online and poker on land have their own jargon.  There are also many terms that overlap online poker and land-based poker.  In this article, we’ll go over some useful poker terms that confuse many new players.

poker player "fuming"

There are innumerable sites and books that try to teach us how to avoid tilt and how to get out of tilt when it occurs. There are a lot fewer articles about how to take advantage of a player on tilt.   Clearly, it is very good to avoid tilt as much as possible but it is also fair to use an opponent’s tilt to your advantage.

poker player calculating on an old-fashioned adding machine

Poker is a game of feelings and intuition.  Especially when we play online poker, where we can’t see our opponents, we have to observe them in different ways.  These ways are mostly feelings and intuition.  Even in land-based casino poker, when we feel that an opponent has shown us a tell, we feel that way through intuition. 

poker player who looks like he's confused

Online poker is growing by leaps and bounds because it affords players the chance to play several games against many different types of opponents from all over the world.  At any given moment there are thousands of players at online poker rooms such as Everygame Poker.  You could never have a pool of players that large at a land-based poker room.

Poker table with players

Every great poker player has a characteristic that sets him apart.  Let’s look at some of these traits of world-famous poker players.  We know these players from YouTube clips but online poker players can learn a great deal from them and improve their game.

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politicians (men in suits) playing poker

We talk often about the complexity of poker.  It is extremely educational to compare some of the skills great poker players have and similar skills great politicians or political negotiators have.  It is also a fascinating side of modern poker that some skills that are needed at a live poker table are very different when you play poker online.

Poker player sweating a decision

Poker players have to learn how to deal with the emotional highs and lows of the game.  Online poker clips don’t often show players dealing with their emotions.  Thus how we handle our emotions is one of the hidden aspects of poker.

Texas Hold’em players

Texas Hold’em is by now the most popular and famous variation of poker.  It is interesting that the game is only about 100 years old.  In those 100 years, Hold’em has gone from the poker variation of choice of hardened Texans to a worldwide online poker phenomenon.

Stu Unger

The rise and downfall of Stu Ungur, who many people still consider to have been the best poker player of all time, has resurfaced as some online poker documentaries feature his story.

An English dictionary with the word Poker hand-written added to the title

Poker has a vast jargon of its own and some of these terms enter mainstream English every year.  Words like bluff and poker face, add a lot of color to everyday English. Poker online developed language of its own simply because no one has a poker face online!

a confused poker player

Game theory was developed by John Nash in 1950 as distinct branch of mathematics.  We know that poker also has a strong mathematical element to it so we wondered if we could understand poker better by applying game theory to it.

Online poker player concentrating deeply

Most poker players think that looking for and reading tells are only for live poker games.  This article will demonstrate the value of “looking for and reading” tells in online poker games.

a poker player looking in a mirror and the reflection is a businessperson

The world is fiercely competitive.  Poker players feel the competition all the time.  The same is true for people in business.  Many books and articles have been written recently about what makes a person successful either in business or in poker.

Poker players of different ethnicities

Of all the games that we can play on a computer or mobile device, poker is unique.  It requires sound deductive judgment based on many factors plus sound inductive reasoning based on historical examples.  Poker can raise us up, train us for success in our chosen professions, and give us heightened levels of self-confidence.

Poker player smiling as opponent takes the pot

Poker is a game in which the fear of loss is always at or just beneath the surface.  Since we can’t eliminate fear, we need to learn to use it to our best advantage.  This can result in causing an opponent to fold a winning hand or can simply allow us to shrug off a bad beat.

Poker player at a poker table wearing a cowboy hat

Until just recently, which we would date at about the time chubby Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP tournament in 2003, poker still had the image of a saloon game which as often as not was settled with a six-shooter and not just the cards on the table. The image had long outlasted the reality. Suddenly, the image changed.

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someone eating healthy food while playing poker on a laptop

Good Health is Vital for a Happy Life and a Fine Tournament

It’s easy to see the need for physical training and excellent health when one participates in the more physical sports. 

Overhead view of players at a poker table with the US flag printed on the table

The United States has been a sleeping online poker giant for over a decade as the law that nearly destroyed the online gaming market is under renewed pressure from the states.  Many states are looking to legalize and regulate online gaming and poker.

What Could He Possibly Have?

Every Hand Has Its Own Hidden Secrets

One of the aspects of the poker boom brought on by Chris Moneymaker’s win in 2003 is the great popularity of online video clips from tournaments around the world.  The hands presented there are extremely informative and well worth the time you might spend studying them.

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Online Poker is a boon to state coffers

Poker Online Can Be a Boon to States

In May 2018, the United States Supreme Court threw out a law from 1992 that had made sports betting illegal in 46 of the 50 states.  Since then, many advocates of legal online poker and gaming have renewed efforts to achieve that goal.  Still, the opposition remains strong as well.

Nuns caught with hands in church "cookie jar"

Stunning Saga of Nuns Gone Wild

Two nuns in Los Angeles stole about $500,000 from their church school to pay for gambling trips to Las Vegas.  The story has aspects in the area of responsible gaming.  By its nature, poker lends itself to responsible gaming more than other casino games.

Man drinking while playing poker

We all like to drink a little. We love parties with alcohol. We also know not to drive after we've had some drinks. We need to realize that the same good advice applies as well to playing poker: if you drink, don't play.

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2017 is here! It’s time to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the future.

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