New Multibuy Format

Our new multibuy format gives players the possibility to buy in to a tournament with multiple stacks at once. The player can register multiple stacks at the start of the tournament and get more chips to play, but can use this feature basically at any time during the tournament as well.

Multibuy Format Overview

    • There are no antes at all in this format.
    • Players can purchase multiples of 500 chips anytime they wish.
    • If they purchase mid-hand, then the amount they requested will be added at the start of the next hand.
    • No cancelation of rebuy purchases in this format.
    • If a player loses all their chips and fails to rebuy within the allocated time, they are sat out but are still given an opportunity to rebuy.
    • If they still fail to rebuy, then they are eliminated.
    • As with the standard R&A format, there is no re-entry allowed.
    • If a player busts and fails to rebuy, or chooses to leave the tournament, then they are permanently out and may not get back in.
    • When the add-on break arrives, the player can choose to do both, rebuy and add on.
    • If a player wants to do both, the rebuy must be done first and the add on last. Should a player do the add on first, then all rebuy opportunities are eliminated.

There are already several daily running tournaments with the new format on board and will constantly increase the number. We wish you good luck at our tables!