Q1: What are the new tournament features introduced for players?

A1: We're thrilled to introduce exciting enhancements for our tournament players. You can now access valuable information during your gameplay through the new 'Information Tab.'

Q2: What information is available on the 'Information Tab'?

A2: The 'Information Tab' provides a wealth of tournament details, including:

  • The current tournament level
  • Your current placing in the tournament
  • The number of places paid in the tournament
  • Chip stack information
  • And much more to enhance your gameplay experience.

Q3: How can I access the 'Information Tab' during a tournament?

A3: To access the 'Information Tab,' simply navigate to the designated section while you're actively playing in a tournament.

Q4: Tell me more about the 'Promotion Tab.' What can I find there?

A4: The 'Promotion Tab' is your go-to resource for information on your active bonuses and rewards. Here, you can find details about:

  • Your current active bonuses
  • Progress towards earning your next bonus payments
  • How close you are to reaching the next loyalty level

Q5: How can the 'Promotion Tab' benefit me as a player?

A5: The 'Promotion Tab' helps you stay informed about your progress and the rewards you can earn. It allows you to track your journey towards bonus payments and advancing to the next loyalty level.

We hope you find these new tournament features valuable in enhancing your poker experience. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.