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What lessons have we learned about poker during 2020? Everygame Poker style...

At long last, 2020 came to a close, and many breathed a sigh of relief as this stressful and eventful year was put behind us. But even though the past year hasn't been easy on us, it wasn't necessarily all bad.

Through various trials and challenges, it also managed to teach us a lot about ourselves – as people, as poker players, and as a community. Here at Everygame, we want to look at the past 12 months and uncover the positive effects this year had on us. How did the online poker community change due to COVID-19? What long-lasting lessons did the pandemic teach us?

4 Top Things 2020 Taught Us About Playing Poker

  1. We can adapt to anything – When the world first began reacting to the fast-spreading pandemic, it seemed like doomsday was coming. Countries were closing their borders, people were instructed to stay at home, and life as we knew it was put on hold. But even though it took us a while to get used to social distancing, curfews, and masks – we did finally adjust. A new routine was born, as people worked and played poker while remaining indoors. And no matter what new rules and regulations emerged - people adapted quicker than they ever thought possible!

  2. We are stronger as a community – In the past year, poker players all around the world rallied together to raise funds and support those who were affected by the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for charity, proving yet again how tight the poker community is. In addition to that, multiple poker pros have given online interviews, urging people to remain safe, and showing how important it is to stick together in times of need. Those little demonstrations of solidarity were rather inspirational, and they showed people they are not alone.

  3. You can find happiness in the little things In times when uncertainty rules, it is important to find happiness wherever we can. As leaving the house and having fun in traditional ways wasn't an option lately, people found new and original ways to enjoy the little moments in life! From listening to music to playing a few rounds of online poker – even the smallest things became a source of joy, showing us that you don't need much to keep the smile on your face.

  4. Online poker is here to stay – Over the years, poker players debated whether online poker or live events are the future of the industry. But now it is clearer than ever that there are plenty of pros to playing poker online, and that this part of the industry will keep blooming. Since April 2020, the US online poker market experienced a 43% growth, and it is bound to keep growing even more in the next few years. According to experts, the market has the potential to grow from $58.96 billion in 2019 to $92.86 billion by 2023.

In Conclusion

As we welcome the upcoming year with open arms, it is important to acknowledge how the previous one benefited us. 2020 taught us a lot about resilience and optimism in the face of adversity, which is an important lesson we won't soon forget!