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Recent poker news!

2020 is going to be quite eventful for the online poker industry!

The gambling industry is an ever-changing platform. Every year, new gambling venues pop up all over the internet, new games become available, and new poker promotions elevate the players’ spirits.

Online poker trends change quite rapidly, and some find it hard to keep track of what is in and what is not. Now that 2020 is here, we’ve gathered the latest bits of news and predictions for online casinos in the upcoming years. Do you think you know what’s coming next?

Upcoming Gambling Trends

Although nothing is set in stone, those who play poker online can expect a lot of things to change in the next 12 months. Here are a few things that might evolve in the future:

  • Shared liquidity might become a real thing in the US, as more states legalize online poker every year. Pennsylvania opened its first online gambling venues in 2019, and other states are destined to join in on the fun sooner rather than later. Michigan, for example, began the process of legalizing online poker before the holiday season commenced. 

    Everyone hopes that the game will become available to local players as soon as 2020. Once it happens, it will be only logical for all states that legalized online poker to create a combined pool of players to maximize profits. That means bigger prizes, more players to compete against, and more fun for the average poker enthusiast!

  • Streaming poker games and tournaments will become even more popular than they are today. With every passing year, technology becomes more innovative and easier to use, so people should be more inclined to use it to watch poker games. It’s a great way to learn more about the game from the top players in the field, especially for those who want to turn pro. 

    However, there is another reason, not less important, to watch live poker games: to feel a part of the gambling community. Being immersed in the game as it is unfolding, and discussing it with other players, helps players to establish friendly and professional relationships with other players.

  • People have been talking about Virtual Reality (VR) for ages, but it still hasn’t become a prominent part of the online poker industry. However, there is hope that more gambling venues will put some effort into releasing VR poker games to allow a more immersive and realistic gambling experience. 

    In 2019, two gambling venues launched VR poker, and the feedback has been positive so far. Hopefully, more gambling venues will follow their lead in upcoming months.

In Conclusion

It seems that a lot of exhilarating things await online poker players all around the globe, as the tech evolves, and the game becomes more popular with every passing month.

Which of the upcoming trends has you excited the most?