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Who do YOU think will win the live WSOP Main Event?

Like every year, when the WSOP events are fast approaching, little else occupies the minds of avid poker fans. Which poker pros will assert their dominance at the poker tables yet again? Will new talents be uncovered? Who will win the Main Event? And will the WSOP events affect the way we use poker bonuses?

One of the most exciting things about the WSOP is the fact you can't answer any of those questions. Anything can happen at the poker table, which is why you have to follow the latest news religiously to remain up to date.

Here at Everygame, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest WSOP updates, so stay tuned and learn all you can about the upcoming event of the season!

Latest WSOP News

Travel Ban Lifted

For a long time, it was unclear whether the WSOP events would be able to take place live or not. But luckily, even though online poker WSOP events were available to players, US players could also travel to Las Vegas to join the live events.

And now, thanks to the fact COVID restrictions are easing in the US, foreign players can participate in those events as well. In March 2020, the US government imposed an international travel ban on all nonessential travel, which has been in full effect until this month.

But now, as a major part of the population in Europe and the US has been fully vaccinated, those restrictions might no longer affect some people.

According to an announcement made by Jeff Zients, the White House COVID response coordinator, people coming in from the UK or the EU will be able to enter the state without going into quarantine. That is if they show proof of full vaccination and a recent negative COVID test. When it comes to the younger population, Zients announced different rules will apply to those who can't get vaccinated yet.

That means that poker pros from around the world will be able to travel to the US and join the WSOP events if they follow all the rules.

Problems in Heaven?

Unfortunately, not all WSOP-related news is good. Apparently, rumors have it that the Rio is short on dealers. According to reports, two poker rooms in Las Vegas – Bally's and the Flamingo – will be closed from September 26 to November 26.

During this time, some of the employees will be redirected to the Rio Hotel, to make sure all WSOP events run smoothly. Some local players have expressed their displeasure over the situation, as they feared the change was permanent.

However, when asked, the staff said they don't know of any major changes, and they believe everything will go back to normal once the WSOP is over.

In addition to that, it seems the WSOP organizers are looking for an original way to deal with unvaccinated employees. While players must be fully vaccinated to attend the Rio and join the upcoming tournaments, casino employees can skip the shot if they wear masks.

To push their dealers to get the jab, they offer a $250 cash incentive and allow workers to get vaccinated on-site until November 4. Furthermore, vaccinated employees can enter an exciting draw that can award a few lucky people a prize of up to $5,000.

In Conclusion

As the WSOP Main Event is fast approaching, poker fans are all trying to guess: who will leave the table with the coveted prize? If you want to get more updates on the matter, stay tuned!