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Are Millennials the future of online gambling?

Millennials, AKA generation Y, are becoming the more dominant generation all around the globe. Generally speaking, people born anywhere from the mid-‘90s to early 2000s are considered as part of this generation.

In 2017, Millennials were the majority of the workforce in the US, even outshining Gen Xers. And that’s not surprising since they are now hitting the age of 18-26, which is exactly when people often graduate from high school or college and adopt an adult lifestyle.

Since this generation is slowly but surely becoming more dominant, casinos need to target them when trying to advertise their services. But one important question needs to be answered: do Millennials prefer poker download apps or land-based venues?

Understanding this generation’s mentality and consumer behaviour will help gambling venues to create appropriate marketing strategies that will focus on Millennials.

Available Information about Millennial’s Behaviour

According to statistics published by gambling websites, most gamblers at online poker venues are aged 20 to 30. 25-years-old players are the most likely to enjoy poker apps, as that’s the kind of thing that appeals to the tech-savvy generation.

However, statistics also show that this age group doesn’t produce the most consistent poker players. As it turns out, people aged 30+ have more experience and more composure, which serves to turn them into more reliable customers.

The Caribbean Council, however, published concerning reports regarding Millennial’s tendencies to visit land-based casinos. According to the gambling and casino industry trade press, this generation is not as keen to hit the tables at casino resorts. They consider them as uninteresting and a bit outdated for various reasons.

Generation Y grew up around technology, and they have a soft spot for anything that brings up memories of their beloved video games. Land-based casinos have to appeal to the techy side of this generation if they want to keep them interested.

Apart from that, reports state that slots games are not quick or challenging enough to attract the attention of Millennials. They want to have more control over the outcome of the game, which means that social, games of skill are more up their lane.

It can be concluded that playing poker online is a bit more appealing to this generation, as it ticks all the right boxes: it requires skill, it allows you to play in a social setting, and it is tech-based.

In Conclusion

Millennials are taking a more dominant role in our society nowadays, and the gambling industry has to find a way to assure them that gambling is worthwhile.

Right now, online poker venues are more successful in convincing this generation to play casino games, while brick-and-mortar casinos are falling behind.