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Who are the biggest PLO winners of the season? Now is your chance to find out!

Similar to Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker is another extremely popular poker variation millions of players around the world enjoy playing. Dozens of Omaha poker tournaments take place every single month, allowing fans of the game to expand their horizons. Some of those events happen at live venues, and some allow for Omaha poker online play. But it doesn't matter where players choose to place bets, as long as they wing big!

If you've been wondering whether you should play Omaha or Texas Hold'em, you need to find out whether this game is worth your while or not. Take a look at some of the most exciting Omaha wins in the past few months, learn more about the players themselves, and find out whether Omaha is your kind of game!

Top 3 Omaha Wins Since the Beginning of 2023

The amount of money you can potentially win at a poker tournament depends on various factors: the buy-in sum, the size of the blinds, the maximum gambling limit, the number of tournament entries, and so on.

Taking into account all those facts, there is no knowing how much money you can win at every event or game. However, we can take a look at some of the biggest wins in the past few months to get a better understanding of how profitable Omaha poker can be.

In third place, there's Ronald Keijzer, a Dutch player who won $43,700 in a Five-Card Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) event. The PLO Series concluded on March 19, ending the $2,200 buy-in event. The tournament drew the attention of a small crowd which resulted in 95 entries only, creating a prize pool of $190,000. Not extravagant by any means, but decent enough to appeal to the players.

Keijzer, who won first place at this particular event, participated in another PLO tournament a few days later, landing in 2nd place and leaving the table $146,300 richer. The young poker pro earned $1,410,013 thus far in his career. And if he keeps mastering his craft, he might double those digits sooner rather than later.

Next in line, we have Allan Le, whose earnings amount to an astounding amount of $3,583,942 according to reports. Statistics show that the former WSOP champion prefers PLO to other poker variants, as this is his area of expertise. In late March, he participated in yet another PLO tournament, defeating 77 opponents to win first place and leaving the table with $200,200 under his belt.

And apparently, the love for poker runs in the family, as both his brothers are famous poker pros: Tommy Le, a two-time bracelet winner who also dominates the PLO scene, and Nam Le, who won a World Poker Tour main event in the past.

And last but not least, we have our biggest winner: Isaac Kempton, who won the $15,700 buy-in PLO event and increased his total earnings by $279,000. So far, he made $3,158,556 in his career, landing him at the top of the Hendon Mob Delaware All-Time Money List. Over the years, he got a spot at the top three of many events, but his biggest win occurred at the 2022 Wynn Millions Poker Series, where he won $1,093,314 in an epic game.

Should You Play Omaha Poker?

All three poker pros are living proof that you can definitely make a living from playing poker. You can either join live events or play Omaha poker online and shoot to win some cash in the process!