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You go, girl! Poker Power encourages women to better themselves.

Being a celebrity can be brutal due to the lack of privacy and being constantly scrutinized by the public. But being in such a position allows certain people to become role models, affecting the lives of thousands – if not millions – of people.

That is why when celebrities join forces to empower women and promote them in the poker industry, it doesn't go unnoticed. On September 21, multiple celebrities and powerful figures attended an event hosted by Poker Power to encourage women to become more active in the industry.

Who participated in the event? And who managed to win big by the end of the night? Find out more about the latest Poker Power event before completing the Everygame login process and placing some bets yourself!

The Poker Power Event: All There is to Know

The Poker Power organization was established in 2020 by self-made billionaire Jenny Just and her daughter Juliette Hulsizer. At first, the two simply planned on gathering a group of women and their daughters for a series of poker lessons, but soon enough, they figured out that the project was not only about teaching women how to play the game.

The two founders of Poker Power quickly realized that by teaching women how to play poker, they managed to help them build their confidence, acquire new life skills, and learn how to use those at the poker tables and in real life as well.

A few weeks ago, the organization hosted a poker event at Professor Suzy Welch's home in NYU. Multiple celebrities and powerhouses like Julianne Hough, America Ferrera, Desiree Gruber, and Rebecca Minkoff attended the event, trying to win the pot (of poker chips, not real money).

By the end of the night, Hough left the tables victorious, and Jenny Just summed things up on social media by saying: "Awesome night with an incredible group of women at the @joinpokerpower event. Thank you […] for making it happen and for everyone else who joined us at the poker table."

About Poker Power

While there are no concrete stats to corroborate this claim, multiple websites claim that about 5% of all poker players are women. In the past couple of decades, the number of female players has grown exponentially, but the numbers are still too low to our liking.

You can see this exciting growth by looking at the number of entries to the WSOP Ladies Championships, for example. In 1977, only 93 women joined this ground-breaking event, and by 2023 the number of entries reached 1,295 – more than a 1,000% growth!

A few years ago, Jenny Just realized that those numbers have the potential to reach new heights if women are encouraged to be more daring and bolder in their actions. Just started out as an options trader and quickly rose to stardom in the field. She realized that playing poker is very similar to dominating business meetings in real life, which was what inspired her to found Poker Power.

Nowadays, the organization is active across 40 countries, working with more than 200 corporate partners and educational institutions, teaching women all around the world that poker strategies can help them feel more confident in dealing with money and complex situations.

Girl Power!

For centuries, women were forced to take the back seat when they tried to enter male-dominated industries, but that is not happening any longer! With the help of courageous women and special initiatives like Poker Power, women now feel able to try anything they put their minds to. Will we encounter even more women at live and online poker tables than ever before?