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Time and time again, the online poker community proves that it has more to offer than a fun environment to play games at the best poker sites. In times of need, gambling venues, poker pros, and amateur players manage to come together and do some good.

Merely a few months ago, poker players from different countries raised money to help Australians deal with the aftermath of the catastrophic fires that plagued the country.

Now, as practically the entire world has been affected by COVID-19, poker players and gambling venues all over the world step up to the plate once more. Let’s take a look at the latest news reports coming in from the global poker industry!

Poker Charities Helping Fight COVID-19 Consequences

One of the first poker-related organizations to harness their power to do some good was the Poker League of Nations (aka PLON), one of the world’s largest women poker organizations. On a normal day, this group of poker players focuses on helping women make their way in the industry. But in recent weeks, PLON has found a new cause to support.

Due to the current health crisis, hundreds of workers all around Las Vegas have been laid off, including workers at local gambling venues. This group of women decided to invest time, money, and supplies to help the locals around the city. Those donations included the much needed N95 masks that are being used by volunteers and law enforcement, feeding the homeless, and more.

Half-way across the world, a popular poker online platform came up with the idea to host fundraisers to help those affected by the virus in India. In the first event, where the online poker operator managed to raise approximately $3,310, all entry fees were given to charity. Those funds were donated to the Prime Minister’s Narendra relief fund, which is set to help the underprivileged in the country.

Last but not least, a charity poker tournament organized by numerous A-listers is also worth mentioning. Poker enthusiasts, like Ben Affleck and Tom Brady, have decided to raise money for the Feeding America charity at these hard times. 75 players will be allowed to participate in the No-limit Hold’em tournament. The goal is to raise as much money as possible to support a worthy cause, which hopefully will yield some good results.

In Conclusion

Poker is more than a beloved game – it is a common denominator that brings people together when times are tough. This time around, poker players strive to use their skills to help people affected by the Coronavirus, and their help is greatly appreciated!