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Choctaw WSOP Circuit!

We kicked off the New year with a bang! Well poker wise anyway lol!

The WSOP circuit came back to Choctaw in Durant Oklahoma this month and as usual, it didn’t disappoint!! Not only is it a great 3 weeks poker close to home, it’s massive fields always destroy the guarantees! This year was no exception, beating every guarantee by a long shot! This time though they decided to break RECORDS! Smashing the second weekends 1 million guarantee, $365 buy in ring event with an unbelievable 5280 entries! Crushing last years record setting 4249 entries in the same event! lol Unreal! Just keeps getting bigger and better for one of my local casinos! I can’t imagine it could get any bigger, but I did say that same thing last year! lol Pretty amazing for me to have such great events, multiple times a year, coming to within an hour of me!! Now with Choctaw hosting 4 major tourney series a year and Winstar putting out 1 major River series and 2 smaller mini series, I have pretty much got it made for live tourney action here!

There’s never enough poker though and I can’t wait to get out and do some traveling. Plus, I know by playing in different areas of the country or world will only continue to improve my game, by forcing me to constantly adjust to different players types! Unfortunately for Choctaw, there isn’t TOO much variety in regards to player types lol! It’s pretty soft, ABC type for most of the events. But in fields this big, with buy ins so small, that’s pretty standard every where you go. (but hey I’m not complaining lol) Even more unfortunate was that I couldn’t capitalize on the weak field! Even though I had some really deep runs in both the Million $365 and the Main event, and cashed in both, I came up short from any serious money! Boooooo! Even more heartbreaking when look up at the screen and see that both events had a first place of Over 270K! Yikes! Talk about a payday! It would have been nice, but can’t focus on that, just have to play your best and let the cards fall. But this trip was far from a loss! I had some deep runs and honestly think I learned alot, Oh and did I mention my good friend chopping the kickoff event for 35k!! Sweeeettt!! He is another local player that’s for sure put in his dues! Couldn’t be happier for him! It was a great fun on the rail for his final table with a bunch of good friends, annndd having a little piece of his action didn’t hurt either! lol

So overall was a good time, even with the tease of deep runs in the big events! There were plenty of other memorable moments and interesting (read brutal lol) Hand histories to write about in the next post, but for now I’m going to get back to online poker and so should you! This weekend is Everygame satty event for a trip to St. Maarten as well as a new $1500 GTD tournament! Play for a chance at a $1150 buy in main event, 4 night in the all inclusive Sonesta Maho resort and $500 worth of travel expenses! The TKPT is hosting the event there and always provide an amazing experience for the players! I can still hear the theme song in my head from last year!! lol “I don’t like it, but I lovvvve it!” It’s gonna be a blast so don’t miss out! Also on top of the sunday 5K guarantee and the newer 1K guarantee, they have added a 1.5K guaranteed to the mix!! Starting this Saturday, the “sundowner 1.5 GTD” will be going at 7:15 pm EST! Everygame continues to give the players what they ask for with this larger, $55 buy in event! I hope to see you at the tables for all of them, I know I’l be there!

Be sure to check out Everygame and TKPT for all the info. And don’t forget to check out our facebook page for give aways, current events and other shenanigans!

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