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Cyber-attacks halted the operations of gambling apps and poker online venues on two separate occasions in recent months. That is not the first time in history hackers have tried to obtain personal information through gambling venues, but the proximity of those attacks is worrisome.

In the first incident, Chinese hackers have been targeting online poker venues and other gambling platforms located in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. According to the security firms investigating those severe cases, the hackers have been looking for source codes and technical data since the summer of 2019. That serves to show that the purpose of those attacks was probably related to corporate-espionage rather than an attempt to steal money from players.

More recently, various gambling apps and mobile platforms in the US have ceased all operations due to another cyber-attack. At the end of March 2020, various casinos and online venues had to shut down for more than 72 hours in an attempt to protect customer data, including an Oregon-based betting app.

At least three cybersecurity experts were recruited to solve the issue, in addition to the involvement of law enforcement agencies. Some believe that the attack was a blatant attempt to gain access to players’ funds, while others think that the goal was to slow down the merger of a few major iGaming companies.

However, it seems that the operators of those gambling companies caught the security breaches in time, and no personal information was obtained by a third party.

Gamble and Stay Safe

While online casinos are well equipped to deal with hackers, following a few simple steps will help you ensure the safety of your personal information as you gamble.

  • Make sure you join a trusted gambling venue - Everygame Poker. Read reviews, check out the casino’s license, and make sure the gambling venue uses the latest tech to protect your information. All the relevant info should be available on the front page of every casino.
  • If possible, use e-wallets or a separate bank account when gambling. That way, even if someone gains access to your accounts, you won’t lose everything you own in one swift moment.
  • When downloading a gambling app, make sure it was created by a trusted source. Choose apps published by major iGaming companies that you can rely on with your eyes closed.

In Conclusion

Multiple cyber-attacks targeted gambling venues and betting apps all over the world. Some say that the goal was to obtain business-related knowledge, while others believe the hackers tried to steal money.

Either way, remember to be cautious and practice safe gambling whenever you place bets!