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Sports betting is affecting our sports industry – is it good or bad?

Professional sports have a unique appeal to them, as millions of people all around the world follow different types of sports. According to statistics, 74.5% of all Americans follow football, 56.6% enjoy watching basketball, and 50.5% watch baseball. The unpredictable and exciting nature of the sports industry makes it one of the most interesting things to watch - and bet on.

Online betting options, like the Everygame Sportsbook platform, allow people to add an additional thrilling aspect to being a sports fan, as placing bets on possible match outcomes gets people even more invested in the sport they're watching. However, sometimes mixing sports with gambling can lead to dangerous consequences. Recent news reports stated that gamblers tried to influence the outcome of NFL games to make a profit.

What exactly happened? How does sports betting affect the sports industry? And what are the most important features of sports-related gambling?

NFL & Gambling News

News reports stated that in early December, NFL referees were approached multiple times and asked to sway games to help gamblers. Dean Blandino, who previously served as the NFL's Vice President of Officiating from 2013 to 2017, confirmed those rumors.

In an interview, he said: "We’ve always told our game officials because they’re in hotels — they’re traveling around during the season — we didn’t want them wearing NFL-branded gear... You don’t know who you’re going to come across. And they know that they’re supposed to go to NFL security if something like that happens. And that has happened in the past."

In the last few years, several scandals regarding sports betting have been uncovered. In 2007, for example, NBA referee Tim Donaghy was imprisoned after the FBI discovered he bet on games and made calls that personally benefited him. In addition to that, earlier this month, an employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars used inside information to embezzle money he later used to gamble in high-stakes daily fantasy contests.

To make sure the possibility of such occurrences diminishes substantially, officials in sports leagues are being scrutinized more thoroughly. Their bank accounts are checked regularly, officials look into any potential conflicts of interest, and so on.

But that's not all! In October of this year, the NFL decided to change its gambling policy, after several players were suspended for sports betting issues. Now, players wagering on their own teams can be harshly punished, which can result even in a lifetime ban from the league.

Sports Betting, Poker, and Everything in Between

At first glance, it is hard to see the connection between a card game like poker and sports betting. But when you think about it, there is more to both gambling options than meets the eye.

First of all, both games require a lot of knowledge. In poker, you need to learn how to utilize different strategies to get the best possible result in different scenarios. Similarly, in sports betting, you must have a thorough knowledge of players' stats, the league's state, and plenty of crucial information that can help you place the right bet to bring you a decent cash profit.

In addition to that, both poker and sports betting have diverse aspects to them. Just like you can play all sorts of poker – from Texas Hold'em to Omaha – you can bet on different types of sports and national leagues.

And lastly, both poker and sports betting are ever-changing. In poker, your game can be affected by the people you're playing against, the cards you're dealt with, and your own state of mind. The same thing goes for sports betting, you depend on how well the player or team you're rooting for will do, which can also be affected by millions of different factors.

In Conclusion

Participating in sports betting can be an exciting adventure. If you're looking to change things up and try a different type of gambling in the near future, you should give it a try!