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Learn how much to bet on as you play online poker here at Everygame Poker!

One of the most important steps a player has to take to become the best online poker player includes understanding how to control bet sizes. When should you play it safe and place small bets? And when should you leave the impression that you are ready to go all-in?

The art of choosing the appropriate bet size is something that takes a player many years to master, but don’t get discouraged! There are a few tips that can benefit even the most unseasoned players, so stay tuned, and learn more about how to pick the perfect bet size as you play poker online.

Best Tips for Bet Sizing

  1. Before the flop, you should raise the bling X3 times, and add one big blind for every player who calls in the pre-flop round (those players are called ‘limpers’). What does that mean in numbers? If your blinds in a particular game are $0.50 / $1.00, your default bet should be $1.5. However, if two limpers are calling before you, your bet should be $2.5. This way, you will be able to make a stand and establish your position straight off the bat.

  2. While it is important to raise the bets at the pre-flop stage, some players are guilty of betting too much, too early in the game. If you decide to raise your bet X6 or X7 times the blind, you will, most likely, scare everyone off and your opponents will fold in an instant. While that means you will win the game, it also means there will be very little money in the pot. If you want to lure the players into your trap and make a real profit, you shouldn’t make them quit before the action begins.

  3. Be flexible and adjust your bet size according to the situation. Sometimes, if the players at the table are aggressive, the initial X3 bet won’t be enough, and you will need to go with X6 straight from the beginning.

  4. If you decide to stay in the game after the flop, the size of your bet should always correlate with the size of the pot. In general, your bet should be worth at least half of the pot. For example, if there are $10 in the pot after the flop, you should raise the bet by at least $5. On the next hand, you should go with the same percentage, even if the size of the pot changes.

In Conclusion

A lot of thought goes into deciding what your bet size should be at any given moment, and it certainly takes lots of practice to learn the art of bet sizing. But with the help of a few basic tips, you might be able to begin the learning process, and move one step closer to becoming a pro!