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Since COVID-19 turned into a global issue, we’ve had to adjust to a new routine and way of life. And while we had to learn how to work from home and how to communicate via apps and social media, we also had to seek new sources of entertainment.

That especially affected poker players who were used to play at land-based casinos up until now. Unfortunately, in the past few months, online casinos and poker download platforms were the only place for poker enthusiasts to enjoy the game.

And although the situation proves how entertaining online poker can be, the fact that land-based casinos had to shut down disappointed poker fans. Brick-and-mortar gambling venues all over the world had to close their doors due to quarantine and social distancing rules, but it seems there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

A few casinos around the globe have received the green light to re-open, as long they adhere to the government’s restrictions. Let’s take a look at those casinos and find out what gambling will look like in the future!

Live Casinos That Are Now Open

One of the first casinos to resume operations is the Corona Resort & Casino in Vietnam. Yes, the name is not a joke. The casino closed its doors for about three weeks, but now, both local and foreign gamblers are allowed to visit and play their favourite games.

But while poker players are allowed to attend the gambling venue, they have to follow rather strict health-related rules. First, only 30 players can congregate in one area at a time. Also, the casino’s working hours have been reduced. Players can stay at the venue from 6 pm to 6 am only, and no public events or entertainment will be provided.

Also, the casino’s team decided to offer special promotions to attract the attention of gamblers, as people are bound to be hesitant about visiting land-based casinos right now.

Other gambling venues across the US are not also back in business. In Arizona, the Gila River casinos resumed their operations partially. To keep their customers safe, casinos in the state will have to stick to social distancing rules, adopt new sanitation protocols, and check the temperature of every visitor.

In addition to that, some gambling venues will install plastic shields and hand sanitation stations to allow the players to stick to the government’s hygiene rules.

Those are only a few examples of casinos that players can now visit in their spare time. Hopefully, more and more casinos will start accepting players soon.

In Conclusion

Good news, everyone! It seems as if players will now have the opportunity to mix-up their play between online poker and visiting a land-based casino. Is it too early to get back to normal? Let’s wait and see.