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New Matusow documentary to shed light on player's controversial life.

Poker players are often considered to be extremely passionate and outspoken people, which often causes a lot of drama when strong personalities clash at the tables. That is why many poker players like Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow are notoriously known for their antics, and the poker community waits for news of their recent outbursts with bated breath.

A new documentary about Matusow is set to be released in early 2024, and the poker world is in a frenzy over it. Over the years, Matusow starred in multiple headlines for different reasons, some good and some bad. He has had many ups and downs throughout his poker career, which must make his life story a fascinating watch.

So, before you enjoy your next Everygame casino login session, make sure you follow the latest news regarding the upcoming poker documentary and keep track of the latest drama!

Matusow: The Man and the Movie

Mike Matusow was born in 1968 and resides in Nevada. In his early days, Matusow worked as a poker dealer, which introduced him to the game he later turned into a profession. But even before then, at the age of 18, he started playing video poker at the Maxim Casino. According to tales, he played so much that he suffered from repetitive strain injuries in his upper extremities.

Matusow turned into a professional poker player in the 90s, and soon began dominating the tables. Over the years, he won 4 WSOP bracelets and made $10,385,407 in live earnings. His most successful year was probably 2005, when he won two WSOP events, earning $1,000,000 each. First, he ended in 9th place at the WSOP Main Event, followed by a win at the WSOP Tournament of Champions when he competed heads-up against Hoyt Corkins.

But while 'The Mouth' was rather successful at the poker tables, he has had quite a troubled life. According to reports, when he was young, he made a point of attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings. In addition to that, he has battled a serious drug issue that even landed him in jail for a six-month stint.

In 2009, Matusow released a biography titled "Check Raising the Devil", and now he is willing to reveal more of his life in a documentary.

The Matusow Documentary Details

Big F Pictures, a film production company that has won prizes for previous documentaries, is hoping to show a new side to the player we know as 'The Mouth' in a documentary titled after him - you can watch the trailer HERE.

For the past two years, director Frank Zarrillo has been following Matusow everywhere he went, from the casino to doctor's appointments and family gatherings. The decision to make a poker documentary about Matusow seemed like the natural choice for Zarrillo, who has been following the player's career for many years and whose explosive personality seemed like the perfect choice for a movie.

The renowned director also wants to dispose of any misconceptions people might have about Matusow. In an interview, he said: "A lot of people have this misconception of him that he's bad, good, or unapproachable, or a jerk. That couldn't be further than the truth. I spent a lot of time with Mike… He's a generous guy that always tells the truth and is upfront with you.”

The movie will follow Matusow's experience with a spinal injury, how it affects his poker career, his stint in rehab, and his hopes for the future.

Are You Ready for a Great Watch?

Mike Matusow might be one of the most interesting people in the poker industry nowadays. The upcoming movie might provide us a rare opportunity to truly understand what this player is all about. So, make sure to watch the movie the moment it comes out!