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Women in poker: can they be more involved in the industry?

It is no secret that women are considered the underdog in poker. While they can be just as tough and successful as their male counterparts, there aren't as many women playing poker online or live.

That is why organizations like the Women's Poker Association, Poker Power, and the Poker League of Nations exist: to empower women and encourage them to show off their poker skills.

And as the WSOP Ladies Championship approaches, some of those organizations are striving to boost women's confidence and encourage them to be more active in events. What are those organizations planning? And what is the status of this year's WSOP all-women event? Find out more information in our Everygame Poker news report!

Poker Pros Supporting Women in Poker

Thousands of poker players from all around the world participate in WSOP events each year, but only a fraction of those are women. Reports show that in 2017, the number of women who participated in the main event was 272, which stood for 3.7% of all entries.

A year later, women represented 3.82% of the entries, while in 2019, the number stood at 4.08%, with 350 women partaking in the event. Interestingly enough, fewer women joined the event in 2021, but since attendance was pure due to Covid-19, they represented about 4.25% of the entire entry pool.

But while there was a slight increase in the relative number of women who dare join WSOP events, the numbers still remain low! That is why certain organizations, like the Poker League of Nations (PLON), are hosting special events to boost morale amongst female players.

The PLON decided to host an online freeroll event where all women are welcome. The winners might get a seat at a WSOP event - donated by other pros and philanthropists like Maria Ho, Kristen Bicknell, Phil Hellmuth, and more.

Bicknell also offered free lessons as a prize, but she emphasized that the women have to earn their spots at the poker table instead of being handed one for free. She said: "I hope that giving women an opportunity to win their way in rather than just being given seats will instill confidence that will prepare them for the big event."

The goal is to gift as many women as possible with seats at $1k events, but the hosts of the events said that if they raise enough money, they might include a $10k Min Event seat.

All You Need to Know About the WSOP Ladies Championship

Ladies-only WSOP events date back to the late '70s, as women got to participate in Ladies' Seven Card Stud tournaments. But since 2001, the game featured in those events is Texas Hold'em, which helped increase the popularity of the Ladies Championship events.

The event has an interesting concept: while men aren't forbidden from joining the event, they have a $10,000 buy-in to contend with. But any woman who wants to join the event gets an immediate discount, only paying $1,000 for a seat.

The Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship will start on June 29, 2022, and last for four days. A few years ago, the WSOP organizers decided to allow one re-entry per player, so players might have more of a chance to win the pot.

Last year, Lara Eisenberg was the one to win the event, leaving the table with $115,694. In 2019, Jiyoung Kin left the table with a bracelet and $167,308 in her pocket.

In Conclusion

Why is poker still considered a male-dominant game? What can be done to convince women they can and should fight for their spot at the WSOP tables? Maybe the PLON event will be able to turn things around!