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Winning the GPI Player of the Year award is something we should all aspire to!

Keeping track of the best poker players in the business is not an easy task since there are hundreds of thousands of players competing all around the world. That's why poker databases like the Global Poker Index have been invented.

Founded in 2011, the Global Poker Index (GPI) ranks over 450,000 tournament poker players, updating the leaderboard on a weekly basis. In fact, this player's index uses information gathered to determine which players have dominated the tables.

Looking at the players' finishing positions in poker tournaments over the period of three years, GPI does a lot of work to bring you a list of the best poker pros out there! Each year, the Global Poker Index awards five players with the title of Player of the Year so as to make it easier to keep track of what's going on in the industry.

Are you ready to find out who was given the honor of being crowned a champion by GPI before completing the Everygame casino login process?

GPI Players of the Year 2023

The first GPI award-winner we'll mention is Kristen Foxen, who won the GPI Female Player of the Year award for the third time. She won this prestigious title in 2019 and 2020 as well, which makes her third win all the more impressive. Foxen got 2,970.93 GPI points for 21 results, seven of which were Top 10 finishes. In 2923, Foxen made $1,199,606 in live earnings, which brought her career wins to $6,860,504. Foxen managed to defeat fellow pro - Nadya Magnus - in the race for the title, which was a great feat all in itself!

Next in line, there's Bin Weng, who earned $6,647,556 in 2023, bringing his total wins to $8,581,741. Weng had a spectacular year with 5,008.99 GPI points, 55 results, 6 wins, and 20 Top 10 finishes. This was his first Player of the Year win, but it is probably not the last. One of Weng's biggest wins the past year was at the Wynn Summer Classic, where a 1st place finish added $2,227,054.

Nick Pupillo won the GPI Mid-Major Player of the Year, with 2,819.77 points and $974,843 in earnings. That brought his lifelong wins to $5,238,067 with 3 wins and 45 results under his belt. He was almost outshined by Preston McEwen in the race for the GPI title, but his performance at the poker tables allowed him to show the world that he is not to be messed with.

All three poker players deserve to be acknowledged for their achievements in the past year, so kudos to them!

Who Will be Next Year's Winner?

Is it you? Are you planning on joining the ranks of the top poker players out there? Landing a spot on the Global Poker Index is a great accomplishment many poker players aspire to. But landing a spot on the Player of the Year list for a third time like Foxen definitely awards players with stardom status.

So, the next time you hit the poker tables, think of how you can land a spot on this highly coveted list in 2024!