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Are you ready for the upcoming World Poker Tour?

Apart from the World Series of Poker, there is one more highly anticipated poker event everyone is waiting for - the World Poker Tour (WPT). It is an exciting opportunity for players of all levels to test their skills, engage with fellow players, and try to win some money in the process.

While regular cash games are a great way to have some fun and improve your poker abilities, nothing can compare with the exhilaration you feel by joining such events. The electrifying atmosphere and the adrenaline rush you get at those events is simply addictive.

Now that the summer season is almost here, the latest poker news regarding the WPT is in! Find out about all the most interesting events, the most exciting features, and everything you need to know about this prestigious poker tournament!

US Online Poker News

The World Poker Tour has been around for more than a decade, hosting and televising poker tournaments all around the world. More often than not, the staple of the tournament is the WPT Main Tour, with a buy-in ranging from $3,500 to $25,000. The winners at those events are awarded a membership to the WPT Champions Club, which is quite an honor.

This summer, players from around the world will get an opportunity to participate in some of the most popular events in casinos all over the globe, including the US.

First of all, from May 15 to May 31, there's the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, with the main event taking place on May 21 – May 25. Each day, multiple events and satellite tournaments will take place, allowing players to test their limits and try to get to the top of the poker food chain.

And practically at the same, between May 16 and May 29, the WPT Prime Vietnam will take place in the Asian country. The Main Event, starting on May 25, has a buy-in of VND25,000,000.

Later this year, between November 29 and December 23, the highly anticipated WPT World Championship will finally arrive. The Main Event, which often attracts the attention of thousands of international players, is scheduled to start on December 12 with a $10,400 buy-in.

But while most events take place at various land-based venues, those who can't participate in such events get to enjoy ClubWPT – a subscription-based club where you can play poker to your heart's content after going through a short WPT poker site login process.

For a small monthly fee, club members get to enjoy multiple poker variations like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, some Sit & Go events, and much more. But if you aren't ready to face the big leagues just yet, Everygame poker hs here for you!

Players can also join special online events to try and win seats at various events, including the WPT Main Tour.

In Conclusion

Those who can't join the WPT themselves get the opportunity to watch the action unfold on their television screen since this is what the World Poker Tour is all about. If you aren't ready to take a seat at the tables just yet - at least learn from the best players out there how things are done!

And who knows? Maybe in a few years, you might have a WPT title of your own and your name will be forever remembered by the poker community. Now is your chance to learn more about the game, work on your poker skills, and prepare yourself for the next major event here at Everygame poker!