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Pennsylvania is taking its time in opening online rooms, and people began to notice!

For months and months, we’ve been waiting for online gambling to reach the state of Pennsylvania. Finally, on June 15th, the dream became a reality.

Various online casinos opened their doors, granting players access to online slots, some table games, sports betting, and a selection of bonuses. However, something is still missing: for some reason, there are still no available online poker rooms.

While there is a meagre selection of video poker games, the classic card game - and all poker welcome bonuses that might accompany said game - have yet to become available on the market.

Now it is time to ask some serious questions, such as: Why can’t you find any poker rooms in PA?  And is there a possibility that online poker will become available anytime soon?

All You Need to Know

First of all, it seems as if no one is in a hurry to do something since online poker is not as lucrative as other casino games, therefore it is not a priority in anyone’s mind. It seems that some operators already purchased PA online poker licenses, but they are reluctant to move forward with the project since there are more pressing and worthwhile issues on their hands.

In recent months, three casino operators began providing access to online slots, while an additional gambling venue became the first to offer online sports betting. However, none of these gambling venues offers access to poker rooms.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, there is no timeline for the opening of the first PA digital poker room.

While no iGaming company will commit to a launch date for PA online poker, rumours have it that the game will become available to the masses by the end of 2019.

There are a couple of possible explanations for the delay, apart from the game not being as appealing as other casino games. Some might say, for instance, that online poker is more complicated than online slots and table games, which is why it requires more preparations in advance.

Apart from that, the NFL is around the corner, which is why sports betting was prioritized over other forms of gambling when the online gambling market in PA was in development.

But there is one more notable reason that affects the entire situation, and it concerns new regulations enforced by Apple. According to the new guidelines the company published earlier this year, all apps available on the App Store have to be written in native iOS code.

Up until now, most casino operators used HTML5 to design gaming apps, which means they have to change tactics to release mobile poker apps in the state. Since more than 40% of US citizens use iPhones, it means that a large portion of the population can’t gain access to casino games as often as they’d like, and it affects the market.

Place Your Bet’s And Have Fun!

Hopefully, online casino operators will manage to overcome these obstacles soon enough, as there are dedicated poker players who can’t wait for online poker to reach Pennsylvania. In the meantime, visit Everygame online casino for all the casino games you would ever want to play?