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May we remember Omri Ram, Anthony Holden, and Louise Brunson for years to come!

The poker community is often a close-knit group, as players from all corners of the world gather around the poker tables to enjoy the game they love. Players often create connections even when oceans separate them. That is why when we lose one of our own, it resonates with the entire poker community.

During the month of October, we've heard of the passing of a few people closely related to the poker industry, and we're here to remember them. Help us in our efforts to bring their memories to life and enjoy a hearty poker session to honor them, so join us after completing the Everygame login process.

Louise Brunson

Poker legend Doyle Brunson passed away earlier this year, and only five months afterward, his wife passed as well. Louise died at the age of 91, after spending her last years in Las Vegas. After getting a degree to become a pharmacist, Lousie accepted a job in Texas, where she met Doyle. After dating for a while, the two got married and spent 62 years together.

When Doyle chose to turn poker into a career, Lousie was highly supportive of his endeavors, despite the dangers that came with the profession back in the day. In 1998, the couple was even robbed at their own home due to Brunson's association with poker.

In later years, Doyle gave up participating in tournaments, as Lousie was in poor health, and he wanted to spend more time with her.

And while Lousie wasn't technically a poker player herself, her support of her husband's profession certainly deserves recognition.

Anthony Holden

On October 7th, British journalist and poker player Anthony Holden passed away at the age of 76.

Holden played poker only recreationally, as his live earnings sum up to $10,239 in a single recorded tournament where he won first place. But even though he doesn't have all that many wins under his belt, Anthony Holden is still known for playing the game regularly.

Over the years, Holden wrote and edited for several British newspapers including The Times, The Observer, Today, and more. However, fans of the game might recognize him more for writing poker-related books like Big Deal A Year as a Professional Poker Player and its sequel.

Holden also appeared in televised poker shows with fellow celebrities and authors Al Alvarez and Martin Amis, taking part in the first efforts to make poker accessible to the masses.

Omri Ram

On the same day of Holden's passing, Israeli poker coach Omri Ram was killed during the attack at the Nova music festival just last month (Oct 2023). Born in 1995, Ram has managed to achieve quite a lot in his short life. Mostly known as "laolalo", Ram played poker online and even did quite well in the 2020 GGPoker WSOP online events, winning $21,989 in his best run.

In addition to that, Ram was a coach at the Israeli Poker Academy from 2017 to 2019. Recently finishing a degree in economics, Ram had a bright future ahead of him that was taken away too soon.

May They Rest in Peace

Saying goodbye is never easy. Even if you're not closely familiar with the people we've mentioned, hearing their stories, and learning about their connections to the game we all cherish so much – makes us feel as if we've been the best of friends all along.

May those dear people rest in peace and the poker community honor their memory by playing the game they loved.