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The global poker market is constantly changing, as it is highly dependent on global trends. From events such as the COVID-19 epidemic to new technological developments to localized wars (!)– all these seemingly unconnected things affect online and mobile poker gaming trends for years to come.

While life can throw some pretty hefty curveballs at you and there is no knowing what the future holds for poker players, experts still try to analyze the data at hand and strive to predict what the next few years will look like.

Will mobile poker become even more popular than it is today? Are new trends expected to bloom on the horizon? Looking at some of the latest mobile poker trend analyses might answer those questions and so much more.

Past Trends That Affect Poker to This Day

One of the biggest things to change the world in recent years is, of course, COVID-19. We've discussed the effects of the pandemic on the poker market at length, but the bottom line is that during the surges of quarantine, online poker websites saw a 30% increase in traffic.

Many people decided to check out online poker for the first time in their lives, and while many of them stopped gambling once quarantine had ended, a considerable number of players became permanent fixtures at online venues.

Afterwards, the war in Ukraine shocked the world. At first, the market was destabilized, as people weren't sure how the global economy was going to be affected by the fighting in Eastern Europe. However, it turned out that life, love, and poker go on even during wartime. Some believe that people need to take their minds off the disturbing reports of war, which is why many turn to poker and other forms of entertainment.

The Future of Mobile Poker

While those two catastrophic events brought a lot of sadness to the world, they had a relatively positive effect on the online and mobile poker market. People were introduced to the idea that you can do anything from the comfort of your own home, whether that means working, socializing, or playing poker. Once that realization hit, there was no turning back.

Nowadays, people use the internet to perform tasks they previously left the house for. Some also use their smartphones to pay their bills, place bets, and engage in social media. That's because evolving technology allows you to use your phone for all said tasks without reducing the quality of your experience.

According to reports, the online poker market is estimated to grow in value by 12.5% by 2030. In terms of revenue, that means going from about 76.7 billion dollars to 170.2 billion by the end of that time period.

The most popular games that will generate the most revenue in the mobile poker market are said to be Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 5-card draw, and 7-card stud.

What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Gamblers?

While predicting the future with 100% accuracy is impossible, we can safely assume that the mobile poker market will keep growing – unless another life-altering event will affect the entire population.

The more advanced smartphones get, the more people enjoy placing bets and playing poker on the go. The fact that players get to enjoy extra promotions and bonuses as they play the game they love certainly adds even more to the appeal of mobile gaming. Don't you agree?