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Get ready for a taste of Chinese cuisine in our new slot by Betsoft, Dim Sum Prize.

This awesome new slot will have our players feeling full but still craving for more! This 5-reel, 10-line slot is full of delicious prawns and steamed goodies that will satisfy your appetite. The Teatime wilds will have you coming early for dinner, the Crimson Coupons will make the food that much more enjoyable and the Bamboo Basket Surprise will have you making your next reservation.

This beautiful slot game will have you feeling hungry and ready to visit your nearest food stand!

This game offers a special kind of Wild called the Teatime Wild. Once this symbol appears on the reels it will award you with 1 free respin and the more Teatime Wilds appear, the more free respins you will have available!

Then we have the Crimson Coupons. Like most food stalls, once you get a coupon that means you're going to get a little extra and the Crimson Coupons are no different. Once you collect 3 or more Crimson Coupons you will enter into a free-spin mode! During the free spins, coupons will turn into Teatime Wilds that stay in place for the free-spin period - this sounds like a lot extra!

Finally, we have the Bamboo Basket Surprise. Often a restaurant will have special offers like the catch or soup of the day and the Bamboo Basket Surprise will give you the same experience. The Bamboo Basket Surprise can appear anytime on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will randomly give you either a Crimson Coupon or a Teatime Wild. These are the kinds of surprises a slot player will love!

Get ready to try all the delicious food in Dim Sum Surprise! This awesome slot is now live so be sure to make your reservations!