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Fruit symbols are always a popular theme in slot games, but with our brand new Betsoft Slot Fruitbat Crazy, there is so much more to enjoy!

Fruit bats are bats that feed mainly on fruits or nectar and are mainly found in the tropics. These bats are known for their great sense of smell and for their amazing eyesight. Fruitbat Crazy features a bold, young bat that uses these great senses to find every fruity deal he can sink his fangs into.

This awesome new game is a 5-reel Always Pay Video Slot that offers a Free-Spin Feature, Buy Discount Feature, a Double or Nothing Mini-Game and a Wild Feature.

The Free-Spin feature is similar to what you have seen in other games, but Fruitbat Crazy certainly offers some unique differences. If 3 or more Fruitbat symbols appear on the reels at once, a whole colony of bats will fly down from the trees and feast during the course of 10 or more free spins.

Fruitbat Crazy also hosts one of Betsoft’s most popular features, the Buy Discount Feature. This feature allows players to trigger free spins at any time while playing for a low cost. This feature goes hand in hand with the Bonus Buy Coin symbol. Once this special symbol appears it reduces the cost of buying free spins and if enough of this symbol appear at once, it can reduce the cost of the free spins to zero.

During the game, if you are feeling lucky you can always try out our Double or Nothing Mini-Game. After any standard win you are given the option to wager all or half of your winnings in a coin toss. If you guess the face of the coin correctly you instantly double your winnings!

And let’s not forget the Wild Feature. The Wild Symbol is a glistening gem stone that can stand in place for any fruit symbol and only appears on the even-numbered reels. This way you are guaranteed to see some big winning combinations.

This awesome new slot game is coming this March. Make sure you don’t miss it!