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Get ready to enter the exciting world of monsters in our newest Betsoft game, Monster Pop!

Monster Pop is our newest slot by Betsoft. This game will show our players that even monsters can be fun, especially when big wins come with them!

Monsters are normally seen as large, ugly and frightening creatures that are often used as the antagonist for many books and horror movies. Monsters pre-date written history and have become a part of our culture. Indeed, it is almost impossible for anyone in this day and age not to know about Count Dracula or the werewolf. This game, however, sheds a whole new light on monsters. It will be hard not to fall in love with these cute and colorful creatures!

Monster Pop is a 5x5 fast-paced action-packed Video Slot that will definitely entertain! With cluster payouts and a grid that can expand to 13x13, there will be no end in sight for the amount of fun you will have! This game comes with features that you will absolutely love! The Monster Cloner will have you looking high and low for the special symbols. The Flaming Sphere feature offers the free spins that we all love. And the Monster Fury feature will trigger an endless cascade of fun!

First we have the Monster Cloner feature. This feature is awesome as it will increase the size of the playing screen once you get the special symbol. Any time a new special symbol appears, it will duplicate another row or column then to make it even more fun, Wilds are thrown in to give you an even higher chance at a big win!

Next up we have the awesome Flaming Sphere feature. This feature allows you to collect 3 of the flaming sphere symbols, and once you do, it will trigger the free-spin mode! And to add to the fun you will have the chance to get additional re-spins!

Finally, you have to try the Monster Fury feature! This feature starts at the end of a cascade where one of the monster symbols has a chance of exploding and can cause an affect that can change the entire screen and give you even greater wins!

Get ready for a monstrously good time! This slot is now live!