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Get ready to enter the glimmering world of our new slot by Betsoft, The Mystic Hive!

This awesome new slot uses all-new hexagonal grid reels to create a new playing experience for our players! Along with a great new playing style, this game comes with other features that should get our players excited. If the soothing background music and amazing graphics are not enough, you will go over the edge when you find out what powers each firefly has, not to mention the awesome prizes you will receive for filling up the Violet Nectar meter!

This gorgeous slot game features a 3-4-5-4-3 layout that moves clockwise, with every spin around the grid increasing your chances of filling up the Violet Nectar meter.

This game comes with 3 special fireflies that you can use to increase your chances of winning big! First, when the red firefly appears it will go towards filling up with Violet Nectar meter. Then, when the yellow firefly appears it will apply its multiplier to winning paylines in line with their positions. Finally, when the green firefly appears it will send forth a swarm of the other fireflies giving you more chances to use their abilities.

And let's not forget the Violet Nectar meter. This meter will fill up by one point for every red firefly that appears on the reels. Once filled, you will receive 5 free spins and up to 3 wilds. During your free spins the wilds will appear on the grid spread from their initial place on the grid to adjacent honeycomb cells after every spin, and will continue to spread to other cells until the end of the free spins, increasing your chances of winning big!

Get ready to delve into a world glimmering with tiny sparks of wondrous lights. This awesome slot is now live so you can experience the Mystic Hive!