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Break the bank and get away with the loot in our newest Betsoft game Take the Bank!

Take the Bank is our newest slot by Betsoft. This game will take our players on the heist of the century where the fortune of your dreams awaits!

Take the Bank brings to mind some of our favorite heist movies. From the more recent Inside Man and Oceans series to the classics like The Italian Job, people have always been captivated by the skill and technique needed to pull off a successful heist. One of the most famous and recent bank robberies happened in Brazil, 2005 and is known as the Banco Central Burglary. A group of men spent three months digging a tunnel beneath the bank. Then, over the weekend, they tunneled up through the bank floor and removed 3.5 tons of Brazilian notes worth $70 million US dollars!

Take the Bank is a 5-reel, 75-payline fast-paced slot game with big, big payouts. This game comes with some amazing features that will make you think you’re on a heist yourself! The Heist Spins will count you down to some big wins. The Bonus game will have you running from the law and the Buy Feature will have you breaking into banks in no time!

You will have an explosive time with the Heist Spins feature. Take part in a special progression system. Every time you make a spin, the “bomb counter” will count down from 10 to 0. The “robber” symbols convert into “bombs” which turn Wild after the tenth spin.

The bonus game is something truly different. Collect 3 “Police Car” symbols and the bonus game will begin. You will receive 5, 7, or an amazing 10 Wild Symbols dispersed across the reels. Every spin you make will cause all the Wild Symbols to move which increases your chance of getting a huge win!

If you want to skip right into the action you can use the Buy feature! You have the option to buy the bonus features any time you want and you can even select the amount of Wilds you want to see on the screen. This is option is like the key to the safe!

So get your gear and get your crew together because this slot is now live, and you need to be ready for the perfect heist!