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Recent poker news!

New software features and table redesign

Introducing the New and Improved Poker Software, starting with May 16th!

Get ready to be blown away by our latest updates and features. We've been working hard to make your gaming experience smoother, more engaging, and more exciting than ever before.

Player Table Seat (Centric) - Putting you in the centre of the action

No matter what table seat you chose, the table will rotate so that your view is centered (see below screen shot). Seating settings can be found in the poker download client; Options – Game – Seating.

New Avatars

We have designed new Avatars that can be found in the poker download client; Options – Game – Avatar.

New Hand Strength

By showing the hand strength in the middle of the table, we are making it easier for players to see this feature. This will make it easier for recreational players to see their hand strength and follow the game. This feature can be turned on/off in the poker download client; Options – Graphics

New Winning Hand Display

To highlight and celebrate every winning hand more we are introducing a more eye-catching winning hand display.

New layout for the Action Button Area

New design and layout for the action/pre-action buttons; Fold – Call – Check – Raise - ½ Pot – 2/3 Pot – Pot – All In – Fold to Any Bet etc. Betting slider is new and improved.

Play same table type & Buy/Add Chips buttons

Placed in the top right corner of the tables in the poker download client.

New Time

A better and more visible timer has been introduced.

New Rebuy and Addon button placement

A better and more eye-catching placement of the Tournament Rebuy/Addon buttons was introduced. Making it easier to find and enabling everyone to use it before the time limits run out.

Improved Bounty Area

We made it easier to see the bounty.

Change Table style in options

The new table design will be the default table. Players that do not want this new table look can change the table style by going to Options – Themes – Select Theme

Change Felt/Carpet

To change felt and/or carpet select the View button, or right-click on the table.