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New video slot coming soon at Everygame Poker!

We are running into November with a new slot release from Betsoft games, Stampede, which will be added to our video slot selection in our Everygame Poker Casino soon. 

This new slot features top value Elephant symbols which dominate the reels and when they stampede players win big!

The game boasts a 5x4 reel layout and pays all ways with up to 1024 ways to win. The coin values range from 0.01 up to 1 with 1 to 5 bet levels which means you can bet from 40 to 200 credits. Your credits will be determined by the coin size you select, for example, if you have $300 balance and select a coin size of .10; then you have 3000 credits.  This is all clearly shown to you under the balance and credits section. An easy way to calculate your credits is to divide your balance by the coin size.
You can select your coin size and bet level manually or if you select max bet, then you automatically bet 200 credits on each spin.  This is also clearly shown in the bet box, just be clear that the amount shown in the bet box is the amount of credits and not your cash balance.  There is an Auto-play option offered as well. It calculates the total bet for the number of spins you select, so if you don’t have that balance then Auto-play will not be activated. E.g. If you select 10 at 1 per line, for 100 spins, that’s $1000; if your balance is less than $1000 then Auto-play will not be activated.

There is also a double up option is this game, once you have won on a spin, the double up button will light up, select this option choose whether you wish to wager 50% or all your winning, then select whether the coin will be heads or tails. If your prediction is correct then you double your winnings so hit collect.  The only negative aspect to this is if you do double up and collect your winnings, when you go back to the game it still only reflects the original win, if you didn’t check you balance before you double-up there is no clear way to ensure the funds were added.

When you hit on this slot, the game stops and clearly calculate what you have won, you have the option of skipping this part when the skip button lights up.  It also shows in the win box what you hit on the reels. 
Hitting Free spin symbols gives free spins as well as credits; you can hit a maximum of 5 free spin symbols.  There are also Wild symbols which substitute for all symbols with the exception of the Scatter or Free spin symbol. As mentioned earlier our Elephants are our high value symbols, hitting up to 5 elephants in a stampede gives 300 credits, as the slot pays ALL ways then you can hit a 2,3,4 or 5 elephants on multiple lines on one spin.

With the eerie background music and the vibrant drums that pick up whenever you make a spin, along with the various features and high value symbols, this game is definitely worth a go!

Everygame Poker will be offering this game from Thursday, November 23rd.