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It has been known for quite some time that Michigan is planning to legalize online poker in upcoming months. A new report shows how soon locals will be able to enjoy poker no deposit bonuses and under what conditions.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) published a revised draft of official gambling rules for operators. In the document, the MGCB addressed formal gaming guidelines, including the following:

Licensing processes and classifications, accompanying fees, etc.
Technical standards – taking special notice of geofencing, testing requirements, security features, RTP rates, etc.
Data collection, record keeping, and reporting requirements.
Communication standards, responsible gaming, age and identity verifications, etc.
Auditing and internal control specifications.
Interestingly enough, the report shows that the board plans to pay close attention to fair play. For example, the board requires that every online slot game will have an RTP rate of at least 80%. In addition to that, it prevents casinos from offering games with payout odds greater than 50 million to 1. That will have a serious impact on progressive jackpots in the state.

But when it comes to online poker, the rules are a bit different. The required RTP rates aren't set in stone. Each gambling venue will have to calculate RTP odds as if the player in question is applying the optimal strategy in a certain situation. On top of that, venues will have to provide participants with mathematically adequate information that can help them achieve the highest RTP.

Will Michigan Join a Shared Players Pool?
One of the most interesting things about the MGCB report is the lack of mentioning interstate poker play. However, since the draft specifically mentions geofencing (the usage of tech to set up a virtual boundary around a geographical location), it seems as if Michigan won't combine forces with other states for now.

However, Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., one of the bill's main advocates, said that there aren't any plans to ban interstate poker in the future. But since there are still no official guidelines regarding the matter, it remains unclear whether Michigan will allow interstate gaming.

In Conclusion
Michigan plans on legalizing online gambling by 2021, and the new report shows how much progress has been made. Hopefully, online poker will become available to local players as soon as possible!