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As most avid poker fans know, there is no rest for the wicked! Every day something new and exciting takes place in the poker world, and we are all for it. Following the drama at the best online poker tournaments and live events can provide endless entertainment, so stay tuned to hear more!

If you can't get enough of your favorite game and you like to keep track of the most shocking and exciting poker stories, we are here to provide you with enough juiciness to last a while. Are you ready for a wild ride with our top tournament poker online stories?

Top Poker Stories in the Past Month

Soccer and Poker

The first scandal we'll address focuses on none other than Neymar Jr. – probably one of the most famous poker enthusiasts this decade. According to The Daily Mail, Neymar was seen going to McDonald's after participating in a £9,000 poker night. While that might sound like nothing unusual to most, the timing of this fun poker night is what irked some of the soccer legend's fans.

Apparently, it all happened right after Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 defeat to Bayern Munich. He was tagged in a photo with a group of friends, captioned: "Taking him to do normal things". Once fans got wind of this, they expressed their displeasure with the forward's decision-making, as Neymar's actions seemed inappropriate.

What made things worse for Neymar is the fact that fans quoted Mbappe's after-game interview, where he encouraged the players to rest and eat well. One fan wrote: "When Mbappe said 'eat well' he wasn't talking about McDonald's". Another claimed that Neymar doesn't care about football and that he "lives to enjoy but it's outrageous given what salary he gets". Will he be forgiven for his actions? Let's hope Neymar's fans won't hold a grudge for long.

Hellmuth Quits on Livestream

Phil Hellmuth is a renowned poker pro, who has years of experience under his belt. Throughout his career, he won 16 WSOP bracelets in addition to generating more than $28m in live earnings. But a couple of weeks ago, Hellmuth taught the poker community an important lesson: even the best of us lose sometimes. However, some do so more graciously than others.

Hellmuth participated in two consecutive events – the Hustler Casino Live game and the Live at the Bike event. Fans got to see Hellmuth lose his cool online, giving them front seats to the pro's meltdown. On the first night, he made some terrible choices, like folding an AK pre-flop, which was a bad omen right from the beginning. By the end of the night, he was $144,500 in the red.

The following day, he lost an additional $194,000 – summing up to the biggest loss of his career. When Hellmuth realized he lost yet again, he stormed out of the room, saying: "I quit. If I can’t trap the crazy guy with AK versus Aces, I’ll just quit."

In a tweet, Hellmuth shared that he cut his trip to LA short because of this spectacular loss, and there is no knowing when he will recover from it.

A Great Win for Patrik Antonius

To end this news report on a positive note, let's take a look at a jaw-dropping win that took place earlier this month. Finnish poker player, Patrik Antonius, reminded the world that he is only getting better with every year that passes.

Antonius participated in an event called Cash of the Titans, which has an interesting feature: escalating blinds. The event started with $500/$500 blinds, which were raised periodically, reaching $1,000/$2,000 by the end of the event. The event was streaming live, and fans got to see Antonius win $1,978,000 against the casino owner, Eric Persson.

Antonius is one of the most successful poker players in the world, ranking 1st on many all-time best player lists. His achievements are rather impressive, and we can't wait to see what else he might come up with in the future!

In Conclusion

Poker players are often passionate, calculated, and fascinating people. That is why there is never a dull moment in the poker world!