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The past year has been an interesting one for the online poker industry. Social distancing and additional restrictions had affected both live and online casinos, especially those allowing people to play poker.

As players weren't able to visit their favorite land-based casinos any longer, online venues have blossomed. And not surprisingly, experts seem to believe that the industry has changed for good. Even if life will get back to normal and people will be able to leave their homes without worrying, that doesn't mean poker players will immediately go back to offline casinos.

So, what will the online poker world look like in a few years? Global Market Insights published a report which predicts how the gambling industry will change by 2026, answering this question. Are you ready to find out what the future holds when it comes to playing online poker?

Online Gambling Predictions

According to Statista, the online gambling market was always supposed to grow exponentially. At the time of the info's publication, the online gambling market was worth about $58.9 billion. And according to the expert's forecast, the numbers will keep growing, reaching $92.9 billion by 2023.

And now, with online gambling venues becoming more popular than ever, it seems as if the predictions might come true sooner rather than later. According to the latest report by Global Market Insights, the industry will be worth up to $160 by 2026 – more than three times the industry's worth in 2019.

But the increased revenues are not the only things that are about to change in the online poker world. According to the report, the following changes are bound to take place in the upcoming years:

Advanced technology will improve the player's interactions

Relatively new technological inventions can improve the player's gambling experience in two ways:

  1. Implementing AI chats will improve customer service by a mile. Quicker and more accurate responses will help the casino connect with more players than ever before, in addition to improving their engagement.
  2. Advanced tech will provide casinos with relevant information regarding the player, allowing them to offer more personalized products and services.

Cryptocurrencies Will Become More Dominant

According to predictions, the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos will increase by 15% in the next few years. As we already know, using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, allows players to place bets anonymously while increasing the levels of security.

Desktop Will Beat Smartphones

In addition to allowing players to play poker on the go, mobile casinos often provide players with extra bonuses and special games that can only be accessed via smartphones. That is why mobile gaming saw a 13.3% year on year increase in 2020.

However, PC gaming will also see a decent increase in the upcoming years, and they might even surpass mobile casinos at some point. That can be attributed to the fact that these days, people are more likely to spend their free time indoors.

That will allow them to enjoy the perks of betting via their PCs more often, as using a computer to place bets has its own perks. Bigger screens and better internet connection are the main things that might compel players to choose their desktop over their mobile phones.

In Conclusion

Placing bets online has never been more popular, and it seems as if the online poker industry will keep flourishing in the upcoming years. Which of the predictions we've mentioned will actually come true? Let's wait and see!