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Responsible gambling is a crucial part of having a spectacular gambling experience!

Reports regarding a man who committed suicide after losing at the best poker sites should remind you of one important lesson: never gamble if you can’t afford to lose!

The sad incident took place in Gujarat, a western state in India. According to news reports, the man allegedly took his own life after losing 7,800,000 Indian Rupees – which is worth almost 110,000 USD – at an online poker website.

The man, who was only 39 years old, jumped into a well in the Mota Mava area, after leaving a note, stating that he borrowed all the money from friends and family members.

As it turns out, the man worked in an IT company, and he often borrowed money to pay for his gambling habit.

This unfortunate story is a harsh reminder that anyone can lose track of what’s important in life once large sums of money are involved. It is crucial to set some limits and only gamble when you can afford it and enjoy the game.

Poker Bankroll Management Tips

Before you place real money bets, you should learn how to manage your betting funds so you will never get into a bad spot financially wise.

  1. Separate your poker funds from regular funds – When you play online poker, you need to have a separate bank account to hold your gambling funds. That way, if you run out of cash, you won’t have the opportunity to dip into your savings to keep on placing bets.

  2. Set a betting limit – Playing poker is an exciting activity, which is why it is so easy to lose track of the amount of money you bet on as you gamble. That’s why it is crucial you figure out what is your gambling limit in advance, and stick to it even if you’re tempted to keep playing.

  3. Keep track of all expenses – Every time you place bets at an online gambling venue, you should record your wins and losses. That way, you will be able to analyse your betting statistics and readjust the size of your bet if necessary.

  4. Leave your emotions out of it – If you are a person who often gets over-excited, you need to learn to control your emotions. The best poker players are those who can make rational decisions, no matter how stressful the game becomes. Use an external cue (a reminder on your phone or a written warning) or any other method that will help you to stop gambling right before you cross the line.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to place bets without worrying about your financial stability - and enjoy yourself!

Responsible Gambling is Key!

To have a fun and stress-free gambling experience, you should never exceed your betting limits. If you find it hard to stop placing real money bets, you should contact a professional and get some help.

Remember that online poker is meant to be exciting and fun - not a financial burden!