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Two people going in opposite directions, choosing different paths.

While thousands of players flock to Las Vegas to participate in one of the world's most exciting poker tournaments, some choose not to stray too far from home to play their favorite online poker games.

Online poker games have never been more popular, as hundreds of people prefer to play the game remotely instead of visiting land-based casinos. Some join satellite online events that can land them a seat at a live event, while others look for different tournaments altogether.

Which poker players had the most successful runs in the last months? And what have they achieved? Let's take a look at some of the best online poker players this summer.

Top Online Poker Wins of June 2024

First, let's take a look at Adrien Delmas who won a prestigious online poker tournament at the beginning of June. The French player beat 1,112 players who competed for the big prize, leaving the online tables with $76,412 out of the $556,000 prize pool.

It is hard to determine exactly how much cash Delmas won over the years, as online poker wins are rarely registered in major poker databases. However, according to online publications, the poker pro has had a relatively profitable career playing live poker as well. Over the years, he accumulated $543,823 in live earnings, adding to his online wins.

Next in line, we have the Brazilian Pedro Padilha, who decided to avoid the most popular poker event of the season in favor of a smaller yet prestigious online poker event. Playing against only 77 other poker pros, he managed to land in first place, winning $103,915 out of a $385,000 prize pool. Like Delmas, Padilha's recorded live earnings – which stand at $1,257,354 – don't take into account his online wins, which means that the poker world is not fully aware of his greatness.

Another player who chose to ignore the biggest tournament in Las Vegas and look for success elsewhere is Daniel Maor, and he managed to achieve his goal. Out of 150 qualifiers who competed for a chunk of the guaranteed $3,000,000 prize, Maor's impressive performance landed him in first place. Leaving the table with $613,914 under his belt, the American poker pro managed to outshine major players like Ethan Yau, Eric Baldwin, and Shannon Shorr.

Over the years, Maor managed to accumulate more than $1,000,000 in live earnings, and that's impressive for his young age.

The Key to Success This Summer Season: Play as Much as You Can

All three players we've mentioned have one thing in common: they ignored the mainstream poker options in favor of more obscure, yet just as lucrative, poker events.

When you're competing with thousands of players for the same prize, you are more likely to be outsmarted by a stronger opponent than in a smaller tournament that attracts fewer players. When everyone's busy competing in the same events, you are less likely to face off against sharks at other tournaments, which means you have greater chances of winning.

So, when poker tournament season hits, your job is to find the best events to join and play as much as possible until you win. Thinking outside of the box and dedication can help you win cash prizes and maybe turn your hobby into a plausible career option.