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2020 is halfway over, and it is pretty clear that this year has been good for the online casino world. Unsurprisingly, new players joined casinos in droves, having fun with the best poker bonuses and online tournaments every day.

People were drawn to slots, online poker, and a variety of other casino games. In New Jersey, for example, online poker generated a revenue of $17m in five months only, $3.4m per month on average. In 2014, which was the most lucrative year for the industry in this state, the total revenue went as high as $29m (averagely $2.41m per month). So, when you compare those numbers, it's clear that people now play poker online more often than ever.

In Pennsylvania, the number seemed to be promising as well. In May, online casino revenue reached new heights: $55.8m. But while slots brought more and more revenue, it seems that online poker was losing steam. In April, online casino poker brought in a revenue of $5.2m, but the numbers dropped to $4.5 in May. They kept on sliding even further in June, bringing in $3.2m only.

What About Live Poker Games?
Out of all available games, live casino games were probably the most popular. According to one of the leading live-gaming providers, revenue in the past six months increased by 48% when compared to last year.

It is clear that because socializing is no longer something you can take for granted - poker players are looking for some human contact in a different setting. As live poker allows you to interact with fellow players and have some fun together, it is the perfect alternative for a face-to-face social gathering.

And as live casino games become more popular, the industry must adjust to the new reality. There should be far more options when it comes to live casino games, and they must be of the highest quality. The games should be more interactive, exciting, and challenging. So, is this the future of online gambling? Only time will tell.