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Exciting news! Chef Ramsay is joining the online gambling community.

Have you ever heard about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? You probably have. Apart from owning multiple successful restaurants, he also appears in popular reality cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchens, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, and more.

It seems as if the busy chef is always up to something, expanding his businesses and taking part in unpredictable projects. According to recent reports, Ramsay is planning to enter the gambling market and offer slots and poker online games.

According to the media, the renowned chef submitted a trademark application to the UK Intellectual Property Office. In his application, Chef Ramsay mentions both computer programs for playing casino games and websites for slots, lottery services, and other casino games.

What will it Be?

The online poker and casino games will be inspired by the chef’s famous TV shows, which turned out to be quite iconic thanks to the chef’s bluntness and harsh reality checks. Can you imagine an online slots game where Ramsay shouts at you every time you get a win? Or maybe a poker game with his popular shows inspiring its design?

Although there still is no additional information regarding Chef Ramsay’s online gambling career, fans are already excited about what might come of it. While the British chef still hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the matter, players now hope they will get to play cooking-inspired casino games sooner rather than later.

Surprisingly enough, Gordon Ramsay is not the first celebrity to branch out and join the online gambling market. Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and jockey Frankie Dettori all have online casino games inspired by their lives. There are also casino games featuring Trump, Bruce Lee, and even Guns N’ Roses.  So why not a chef?

In Conclusion

Chef Gordon Ramsay is rumoured to be joining the online gambling industry. Hopefully, we will have Hell’s Kitchen casino games available soon!