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Online poker in India is on the rise!

Online poker is gaining in popularity all around the globe. Since various states across the US legalized online gambling, the number of gamblers who opted for playing poker online seemed to increase.

However, the US is not the only place where online poker promotions have become so popular, as the gambling market in India is also showing signs of substantial growth.

Merely a few years ago, poker wasn’t attracting much attention from the Indian public. People looked at the game with skepticism, not trusting online and offline gambling venues alike.

However, since then, hundreds of thousands of citizens all across India began to realize that poker has the potential to be more than just a pastime activity. Little by little, people got acquainted with the game, and some of them even chose to turn poker play into a profession.

In the past few months, it was reported that almost 50 lakh players (aka 5,000,000 people) created accounts at various online platforms available in the country. Now, experts wonder – what is the reason behind this sudden growth spurt in the industry?

Why Indian Citizens Take an Interest in Poker

Some people raised the assumption that the change in the Indian gambling market lies with one main demographic group: the millennials.

Millennials, who grew up surrounded by technology, are used to fast-paced sources of entertainment. This generation is prepared to spend more money on activities that will leave them with fond memories: from dining out to doing extreme sports, and of course – playing online casino games.

Online poker is a game filled with risk, yet it has the potential to award players with grand prizes. It is an exciting game that manages to attract the attention of the younger generation, and millennials make the most of all it has to offer.

Gamblers are also drawn to online casinos because of the creative ads, appealing offers, and the fun environment that fascinates the young players.

Millennials also grew up in a society that was largely affected by capitalism, encouraging people to change their consumption patterns and acquire as much as possible with the same amount of money. Nowadays, people are always looking for the best deals, best offers, and most lucrative bargains – and online casinos offer just that.

Unlike land-based poker rooms, online casinos attract players in with the help of various promotions and bonuses that can increase the player’s chances of making a profit.

Those poker venues know their audience, and they managed to convince the Indian public that there is nothing more entertaining than placing bets online.

In Conclusion

Online poker venues have become a national sensation all across India, and it seems as if it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Are you feeling like a part of this change as well?