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Going down memory lane: Remembering Doyle Brunson on October 2nd!

Texas Dolly, the Godfather of Poker – Doyle Brunson accumulated a lot of nicknames, and he earned them with blood, sweat, and tears. The poker pro was an active part of the industry for over 50 years, and that made him a role model for young poker fans. Winning multiple WSOP bracelets, getting into the Poker Hall of Game, and writing several books on poker turned him into an outright legend.

That is probably why the poker industry decided to remember Doyle Brunson by dedicating a special day to him. Some players decided to use Everygame poker no deposit bonuses that day, while others chose to participate in a special event that commemorated the unforgettable player.

What day was chosen for the celebrations and why? What has Brunson achieved throughout his life? Find out what Doyle Brunson Day is about, and maybe you will join the celebrations next year!

Doyle Brunson Day: A Little Background

Brunson was born in Texas in 1933, and at first, it seemed that his career wouldn't have anything to do with poker. He obtained a bachelor's and master's degree in administrative education, but after graduation, he chose to work as a salesman for a big corporation.

However, on his first day on the job he was invited to play in a seven-card stud game, which led to him winning more than a month's salary. Soon after that, Brunson decided to turn poker into a career, and he kept playing over half a century.

Early in his career, the Godfather of Poker used to play illegal games often run by organized crime, and he teamed up with a few other poker pros to travel around the country and gamble on everything from poker to golf.

But eventually, Brunson settled in Las Vegas and began addressing the game more seriously. He was a regular player at the WSOP Main Event, playing almost every year since the tournament was established in 1970, winning 10 bracelets over the years.

He also wrote multiple books about poker – Super/System and Poker Wisdom of a Champion, giving players insight into how poker pros play and try to win.

Brunson's passing in May this year left a hole in the hearts of millions of players all around the world, which inspired his friends to host an event to celebrate Brunson's life in July, during which it was decided that October 2nd would become Doyle Brunson's Day. This specific date was chosen specifically in honor of the two main events he won with a 10-2 hand (which occurred in 1976 and 1977). In both cases, the ten-deuce hand helped him complete a full house as an underdog, which made those wins unforgettable.

On October 2 this year, the first Doyle Brunson Day officially took place, with multiple live and online casinos taking part in the excitement. Several poker brands offered special ten-deuce promotions, others posted heartfelt interviews with players who were greatly affected by Brunson, and more.

Remembering Doyle Brunson in the Best Way Possible

Not many poker players can say that people will remember them forever when they pass, so the honor the poker community is showing for Brunson is astounding and shouldn't be taken for granted. From now until the end of time, people all around the world will play poker on October 2nd and remember this great player who touched so many lives.

Are you going to be one of them? Are you planning on using the best poker promotions out there to celebrate this special event?