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Between the 19th and 25th of November, the UK and Ireland have been in the throes of Safer Gambling Week. This week's goal is to remind members of the poker online community that you can enjoy the game – and win with straight flush combinations – without taking unnecessary risks.

What does the campaign entail? What are the most important safety rules to remember? Stay tuned and learn more about this important initiative!

Top Safety Rules You Can Follow

There are a few key tips that can help ensure you're placing bets in the safest way possible:

  • Only spend what you can afford – don't go overboard!
  • Know your limits when it comes to time spent gambling and money.
  • Remember that gambling won't solve any problems you might have. When necessary, you can reach out for help and contact relevant support lines\groups.
  • Try not to gamble when you're angry or upset.
  • If placing bets interferes with your personal relationships – take a step back and make sure to have your priorities straight.

UK players who feel they are in need of assistance can find info about helplines here. Players from the US, however, can find more details about relevant resources here.

Safe Gambling in the UK

This week's goal is to increase the public awareness of how to gamble safely, which safety tools are available all year round, and where you can get advice or support if necessary.

More than 200 organizations and gambling venues support the initiative, which is led by the Betting and Gaming Council, the Bingo Association, and the British Amusement Catering Trade Association.

The participants hosted special events, promoted the campaign via social media or special ads, provided information about where players can get help, etc.

The campaign follows a productive year for the UK gambling community. During this year, gambling laws in the UK have changed drastically, which serves to show how committed the authorities are to protecting local players.

First and foremost, the Betting and Gaming Council introduced advertising restrictions. Simmonds, chair of the council, claims it caused a 97% reduction in gambling-related ads young people can be exposed to.

In addition to that, the authorities promoted new regulations that are designed to protect young players as they play. According to the new rules, gamblers under the age of 25 are required to provide highly specific personal information before they can place their bets.

And while the council has been promoting those changes, government officials have been keeping a close eye on the industry. In July, the House of Lords published a report that included more than 50 recommendations that strive to reduce the dangers of gambling addiction.

But while the council is keen on cooperating with the government in the matter, they also want to prevent over-regulation that will harm the betting industry. As Simmonds said to Sky Sports, "We need to be really careful that we don't do what other countries in Europe have done where they're over-regulated and therefore, the number of people who are gambling on regulated sites drops."

In Conclusion

While Safer Gambling Week only lasts for seven days, it is important to protect gambler's interests all year round. So, while you enjoy playing poker at Everygame Poker, remember to follow the proposed safety rules, and you will be able to have a relatively risk-free experience!