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In the past, the obvious way to learn a new skill required reading a guidebook or taking lessons with a professional. But in the age of electronic advancement, people prefer to look for quick solutions to all their problems online. When it comes to learning to play poker, things have never been easier: you can watch online tutorials, sign up for online classes, and even watch some online streams to learn more about the game.

Poker streams on Twitch and similar platforms now allow you a rare insight into the world of poker, one that wasn't available to previous generations. You get to watch the game unfold first-hand, without actually risking any of your own money, all the while learning how to use Everygame poker no deposit bonuses to your advantage.

Are you curious about the world of online poker streams? Where is the best place for you to find high-quality poker content?

The World of Online Poker Streams

A few years ago, Twitch became one of the most renowned streaming services in the US and all around the world. It launched in 2011, and quickly became one of the most used online streaming platforms, as it allowed people access to esports and music broadcasts, creative content, and so much more.

Jason 'JCrave' Somerville was the first player to stream on this platform, not realizing at the time how much of an effect he might have on the poker world. His first live streams went up just three years after Twitch became a thing, and he soon garnered enough attention to make him the first poker player with more than 10 million viewers on a channel. That led Somerville to form a Twitch poker community called RunItUp, which became highly popular rather quickly.

Jaime Staples was also one of the first poker pros to have active Twitch channels, but over the years, the Twitch poker community grew exponentially. Many poker players have their own channels.

According to Twitch stats, more than 51.9 million hours of poker streams were watched this year, and the numbers are bound to rise even more in the future.

For years and years, Twitch was the best platform for poker players to showcase their online poker skills. But a new platform has emerged in the industry, signing some streamers to bring attention to their services, including some influential poker players. You might want to check out Kick, the new streaming platform - very gaming oriented.

How Poker Streams Changed the Way We Play the Game

Not all people can learn how to play poker from a book or from taking theoretical lessons. Some people are visual learners, and there is no better way for them to figure out the ins and outs of the game than watching poker games unfold live.

There are dozens of different poker streams available online, covering all poker variants from Texas Hold'em to Omaha. Watching different players play the game is not only enjoyable but also very educational. The more poker streams you watch, the grander your exposure to a variety of poker strategies might be.

Overall, online poker streams make poker a more accessible game, which might be the reason it is becoming more popular by the day.