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Live or online poker: what is your best option?

As the number of new COVID cases has been steadily decreasing in recent weeks, many countries have eased their flight and isolation restrictions. That means that poker players can now participate in live poker events with minimal effort, instead of sticking to playing poker online. But is it worth it?

Take a look at the latest updates on relevant COVID flight protocols and what it means for anyone who wants to join the next poker tournament!

Latest COVID Flight Regulations

Many countries all around the globe are striving to ease COVID-related travel restrictions, trying to get life back to normal. The less severe the restrictions, the easier it will be for poker players to attend live poker events. So, where are the restrictions reasonable enough to make international travel worth your while?

On February 11, UK travel rules have changed, allowing fully vaccinated passengers to enter the country without any testing. And those who are not considered fully vaccinated will only have to take a test pre-departure and up to two days after their arrival in the UK.

Also, those who want to visit Canada can now enter the country after getting a rapid antigen test instead of a PCR test. Well, as long as they are vaccinated.

However, not all countries are ready to drop strict flight restrictions. According to the US Department of State, most travelers must be vaccinated to enter the country. In addition to that, they all have to present negative PCR or antigen tests. They also have the options to show proof of recovering from covid in the past 90 days.

That means that if poker players want to participate in live poker events, they have to choose their vacation destination carefully.

How Should I Play Poker in 2022?

Nowadays, poker players have two ways in which they can play poker: join a live event or keep playing online.

Many poker pros still prefer to play poker online when possible: it is more accessible, less troublesome when it comes to COVID restrictions, and it allows you to maximize your wins by sitting at multiple tables.

But if you can't give up on the thrill involved with going on a poker vacation, you should follow a few important steps to avoid any mishaps:

  1. Figure out where the best poker events are. There are multiple events taking place across the US, but the main attraction is probably Europe, where dozens of live poker events are scheduled to take place this winter and spring.
  2. Check the latest COVID updates. COVID travel restrictions might change quickly, so before you book your trip, make sure you're aware of the latest travel updates. If you plan on traveling by plane, organize all relevant paperwork (fill out any special forms, prepare your proof of vaccination, etc.) in advance so you won't be stopped at the airport.
  3. Take into account isolation requirements. In some countries, you will have to self-isolate for a few days, which means you might have to take more days off work.
  4. Check out the poker venue. If you are worried about attending a live event because of COVID, contact the casino and make sure they require all visitors to wear masks, ask whether they use plastic shields to prevent spreading the virus, and so on.

In Conclusion

To travel or not to travel? That's the question many people all around the world are asking themselves nowadays. And now that many live poker tournaments are back on track, poker pros have to figure out what is their best gambling option: should they stick to online poker? Or is it safe enough to go on a poker vacation?