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Which WSOP win was the most interesting?

Watching and following the results of poker tournaments can be quite beneficial if you're trying to improve your poker play. Apart from being highly entertaining, watching some of the best online poker players compete against each other can teach you a lot about the games itself.

In the past few weeks, dozens of WSOP events took place online, making it easier than ever to watch poker pros push their skills to the limit. But since the tournament is comprised of so many events, not many people have the time to keep track of every little detail.

That is where event summaries can come in handy. You can learn all about the biggest wins, the strongest players, and the most shocking moments with a minimum investment of time.

Right now, we will take a look at three impressive WSOP wins that you can learn a lot from. Are you ready to find out a bit more about the best online poker wins this month?

Top 3 WSOP Wins So Far

  1. First-time player wins the pot – When 2,202 players signed up to the $1,000 buy-in six-max no-limit hold’em event, people expected renowned poker pros to leave the table with a gold bracelet. However, it was a first-timer who got the top prize of $299,511 out of the $2,090,900 prize pool.

    Jim Lefteruk, a Canadian poker player, surprised the world as he beat some top competitors in an exciting game. By the end of the event, Lefteruk had a 10:1 chip lead on his opponent Endrit Geci. And luckily, when the last hand was dealt, it became immediately clear that the win was his. Geci came in second with a $223,978 prize, while Jorge Abreu came in third with a $161,042 win.

    What can you learn from it? If your poker skills are up to par, you can beat even the most seasoned poker pros. Have faith in yourself and see how far you can go.

  2. An unknown player gets a major win – In the $1,000 NLH Championship, the 31st WSOP event, 2,126 entries contributed to an astonishing $2,019,700 prize pool. After almost 12 hours of play, an online poker player, nicknamed 2Rivers, got the gold bracelet and walked away with a $310,831 cash prize.

    At first, it wasn't clear who this player was, but when the WSOP published official information about the event, it was discovered that American player Nahrain Tamero is the big winner. In his career, Tamero participates in live WSOP events but didn't do so well.

    Out of a total of $158,000 he won throughout the years, only $3,428 came from WSOP events. However, it is clear that the player's luck has changed, as he got a sizeable share of the grand prize.

    What can you learn from it? Sometimes, persistence will win the game. Keep practicing and don't give up!

  3. Poker pro wins more than $1m - The $25,000 NLH Poker Players Championship had only 407 entries, but the total prize pool still reached an astounding amount of $10m. German player Christian Rudolph ended up winning the event, getting a prize of $1,800,290.

    This is Rudolph's biggest win in his career so far, and it didn't come easy to him. He had to compete against pros like Chris Hunichen and Shankar Pillai, and for a while, it seemed that one of them will get the gold bracelet. However, luck was on Rudolph's side, and he got to eliminate his opponents one by one.

    What can we learn from it? The odds might not be in your favor, but there is no knowing when your luck will turn!

Stay Tuned and Learn More!

Even though the WSOP is about to come to a close, there are bound to be more tournaments in our future. You can learn from each and every event, as long as you pay attention to details and watch as many games as possible.