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Out of all poker events hosted all over the world, the World Series of Poker is probably the most popular and interesting one. Every year, thousands of poker enthusiasts choose to travel far to join the events themselves or follow the action online. Either way, most of the poker community consumes WSOP action for weeks on end.

And as the action is about to begin, we strive to keep you up to date when it comes to all WSOP events. In our Everygame poker news reports, you will get all the info you might need to know, so stay tuned!

When Will the WSOP 2022 Begin?

The 53rd annual WSOP tournament kicks off on May 31 at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, allowing casino employees and high rollers to set the bar as high as possible.

Throughout the tournament, the WSOP will host 88 live bracelet events, in addition to more than a dozen online events. The tournament will come to an end on July 20, which means poker fans will have more than a month and a half to enjoy high-quality poker content.

Where Will the 53rd WSOP Take Place?

For the past 17 years, the WSOP events took place at the Rio in Las Vegas, but this time around, the location has changed! The Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino will host this year's events, and hopefully – the events will be as good as they were so far.

2022 Player of the Year: What You Need to Know

Last year, two players got blessed with the title of Player of the Year, thanks to special sponsorships. But this year, only one player will be able to get this coveted title, and it will not be easy: the competition will be rougher than ever, and players will have to fight hard to be crowned as the best of the best.

Players will gain special points for participating (and preferably winning) in some events, not including restricted events like Ladies Only or Employee events. The top few players on the POY list might win cash prizes, a unique ring, and more.

What are the WSOP Buy-in Rates?

Everyone and anyone can participate in some WSOP events, depending on how much money you're willing to part with. Those who want to join the coveted Main Event will have to pay $10,000 or find a roundabout way of joining the event.

But there are plenty of other events with $400-$500 buy-in rates that low-stakes players might find more affordable and realistic. On the other end of the buy-in spectrum, you can find high-stakes events with a $50,000-$100,000 entry requirement.

Where Did it All Start?

The first WSOP dates back to the early '70s when Lester Ben Binion – a gambling icon – invited seven of the best poker players (at the time) to participate in a special tournament at the Horseshoe Casino, Nevada. The first year the event took place, Johnny Moss was crowned the "World Champion of Poker" by his peers, receiving a silver cup as a prize. And since then, poker pros have been gathering around the same poker tables every year, creating a long-lasting tradition.

Interestingly enough, the renowned WSOP bracelets weren't a part of the package at first. They were introduced as prizes in 1976, and they have turned into true icons ever since.

In Conclusion

Have you been dreaming about partaking in a WSOP event? The current tournament format allows players of all calibers to have a spectacular adventure and even win some cash prizes. Are you ready for the fun to begin?