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You Count! New Initiative to Encourage Women to Use Everygame Poker Bonus Codes

Once upon a time, poker was an all-male-dominated game. But as society became more progressive, more and more women began playing the beloved game. In 1977, only 93 women entered the WSOP Ladies Championship.

By 2023, the number of entries reached 1,295. But even though it seems there are more female poker players than ever before, documented data says otherwise.

According to stats, only 5% of the professional poker players in the US are women. But can you trust this information? Apparently, renowned poker databases like Hendon Mob are mislabeling female players as males, which messes with the statistics.

The fact that women aren't being fairly represented in the poker community can deter some from playing poker and using Everygame poker bonus codes, which is an issue the Pocket Queens organization plans to rectify.

The New Initiative by the Pocket Queens Organization

Pocket Queens is an all women's poker study group dedicated to furthering women in poker and allowing them to have a more prominent voice in the industry. On September 15, they started the You Count, Be Counted initiative to ensure that all female players are correctly gendered in poker databases like Hendon Mob and Global Poker Index.

Apparently, when poker databases receive data from casinos and cardrooms, they know which games the players played, and what the results were, but they have no way of knowing what the player's gender is.

When a name is exclusively feminine or when the results arrive from ladies' events, the players are listed as female. However, when a female has a gender-neutral name and they enter a regular event, databases automatically classify the players as male. That often happens to women with non-English names, as the player's gender is often difficult to determine based on name alone.

Poker player and Journalist Jennifer Newell said: "We always talk about women in poker and believe that more women are playing, but we’ve never had significant data to back that up… it’s important that women be properly counted in that database. This initiative is a step in that direction."

When someone spots an error in the data, sending an email to the support team solves the issue rather quickly, but it still occurs after the fact – and only when someone identifies the misgendering error.

That is where the new campaign comes in. Pocket Queens and similar organizations (like the Women Poker Association and Poker League of Nations) published a video explaining to their members how they can check if they are listed as female on the mentioned databases, explaining how to correct the records when necessary.

As databases don't always mention your gender on a player's landing page, players must check whether they are listed on the Women's All-time Money List. If not, a quick email can quickly rectify the situation in set the record straight.

The campaign is all about raising awareness and educating players on how to solve the misgendering issue, all while advocating for improvements in the databases themselves, so such errors won't happen anymore.

Play Poker and Be Counted!

To all our female players out there: get your name out there! Play as much poker as you want, use all the available bonus codes you can find in our promotions section, and help women become a bigger and more noticeable part of the poker industry. Are you ready to start playing?