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How do poker pros react to COVID-19 quarantine instructions?

Unusual circumstances often lead to some unpredictable outcomes and responses, as was proven by a few poker pros in recent weeks. The COVID-19 virus has managed to send the world into a spin, and people have to adjust to new situations quicker than ever.

Millions of people all over the world had to deal with the effects of the virus in one way or another. While some are focused on warding off the sickness, others are forced to stay at home due to mandatory, or self, quarantine.

Some people decided to make the most of the new and troubling situation by catching up on TV shows or playing online poker. But how did poker pros chose to deal with the current state of events? The responses were diverse as they were surprising.

Top Poker Pro’s Reactions to the Coronavirus

As live poker events are being cancelled left and right due to the Coronavirus pandemic, poker pros chose to stay at home and play poker online out of caution.

One poker player took the matter very seriously, and he placed himself in self-isolation. Doyle Brunson, the 86-years-old poker savant, decided to take precautionary measures to ensure his wife’s safety and health.

Earlier this week, a fan of Brunson asked if he was willing to meet up and sign his copy of ‘How I Made $1,000,000 Playing Poker’, but Brunson declined. He stated that even though he survived a lot in his life and was no stranger to danger, he wasn’t willing to risk the chance of catching the virus and passing it on to his frail wife.

In his past, the poker pro also known as Texas Dolly has been robbed at gunpoint 5 times, stabbed, survived 3 car wrecks and just as many battles with cancer. When a man like that shows concern, the world should take notice.

Other players, like Ronnie Bardah and Mike Matusow, used their social media accounts to encourage people to stay at home and minimize the spread of the virus. They upload videos, shared their thoughts and engaged their fans in an effort to remain careful yet positive in these hard times.

But not all poker players take the matter as seriously as they should. Matt Glantz tweeted earlier this month that he was willing to contract the virus and go into self-quarantine, documenting his experience for $250k. While some people found this declaration amusing, as one person even got into a discussion with Glantz regarding the timeline of this challenge of sorts, others found it a bit crass and insensitive.

In Conclusion

As the world is dealing with COVID-19, poker enthusiasts are looking for a new routine that will allow them to enjoy the game they love. What do you think of the way poker pros have handled themselves?