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Some poker combinations are not worth the risk!

Playing poker live, at an online venue, or by using poker download software can provide you with vastly different gambling experiences. But there is one thing that will never change, no matter where you place your bets: the strength of your poker hands.

When playing poker, there is no knowing what kind of hole cards you might get. Of course, getting high-value cards is always preferable, but you can also win with low-valued cards as well. But sometimes, you might be handed with truly bad card combinations that have very little chance of leading to a victory.

What are the worst poker hand combinations you can possibly get? And how should you react when you do get them? Now is your chance to discover the answers to those questions.

Bad Hand Combinations in Poker

At the beginning of every poker round, players are dealt two cards, which create the starting hand. From the minute you receive them, you have to figure out whether those cards can potentially bring you a win or not.

Some hole cards, like pocket aces, are pretty valuable on their own. Powerful combos increase your chances of winning even before the community cards are revealed, which is what every poker player dreams of.

In other cases, you might get cards that still have some potential, but you will have to rely more heavily on the community cards to actually win. For example, two cards of the same suit can potentially create a flush – or even straight flush – winning hand.

But some card combinations have practically zero chances of granting you a win. Let's take a look at some of the worst starting hands you can possibly get:

  • 4-2 Offsuit – Low-valued cards are always a bad omen in poker. Since the cards are not of the same suit, you have no chance of creating a flush with them. But since the cards are pretty close in value, the community cards can help you complete a straight combo. However, the chances for that are slim, and you are more likely to get a low pair combo after the flop, turn, or river. In most cases, your hand will be the weakest at the table.
  • 8-2 Offsuit – There are three things wrong with this hand combo: 1) the cards have low value. 2) The cards are not of the same suit. 3) The cards are disconnected and can't possibly help you create a straight combo. That leaves only the option of getting a low pair once the community cards are revealed, and you can't rely on that.
  • 8-3 Offsuit - Again, there is nothing to connect the two cards to create a profitable combination. Your chances of getting a win with those cards are slim to none, and you shouldn't take a risk on them.
  • 2-6 Offsuit – There are 169 different starting hand combinations in Texas Hold'em, and this combo is ranked 165th. While technically, it is not the worst hand out there, it still has very low chances of winning you the pot.
  • 2-2 Combo – While a pair combo is better than the previously mentioned hands, a 2-2 starting hand is rather dangerous. It might create the illusion that you have a chance of winning, but other players are more likely to have a stronger hand than yours – so you must be careful.

How to Deal with a Bad Poker Hand?

When you encounter any of those low-valued hands while playing poker online, there is only one thing to do: to fold and wait for a better hand. Some players might think that can bluff their way out of any situation, but the risk involved in such an endeavor is simply not worth it!