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Find out how to perfectly balance playing mobile poker with real life responsibilities for guilt-free gaming!

Playing mobile poker is super satisfying and immersive.  With a full gamut of games available 24/7, 365, accessing the alluring world of poker is as easy as launching your web browser or poker app and wagering away… 

With the option to enjoy free-play game or placing real money bets, you can choose whether you’re in it simply for the fun, or to win some serious loot.  Whether real cash is involved or not, playing poker on your phone can easily have you go from a functioning and responsible human being, to one that stares at the small-screen non-stop.

Adulting – That Thing We Hate… but Have to Do 

No one is suggesting that you give up all the fun but at the very least, be an adult about it and don’t allow your love for the game to affect your everyday life.  We have this innate need to preach to children – warning them about the repercussions of ‘too much screen time’…  Nothing wrong with that, as long as you lead by example.

Whether you’re married with children, or single with no dependents, we all have real life responsibilities – and they are simple things such as taking care of yourself in terms of your personal hygiene, your finances, your health, and so on.

There will be tell-tale signs that you’re ignoring your real-life responsibilities.  Look at your surroundings.  Are the dishes piling up?  Is it impossible to find a clean shirt because you haven’t done laundry in weeks?  Do you find yourself saying things like “just one more game” when the kids or your partner ask for your attention?

These are a few red flag moments that should be fair warning that you might be heading down that slippery slope that could lead to addiction.

How to Enjoy Mobile Poker Responsibly 

It is totally possible to enjoy your online poker without it affecting your or your family’s lives negatively.  Let’s look at some of the two key situations that should have you rethink your gaming strategy.

Spending too much Time on your Mobile? 

In these modern times, ‘time’ is a luxury and you should spend it wisely.  That means managing your time in order to do all the things you have to do and want to do.  We’ve become the ‘mobile generation’ and we spend more detached from the real world than ever before.  Be it checking up on your mails, conversing with others, playing online poker or spending time on social media – it’s all done staring at our phones.

As we’ve already mentioned, whether you’re single or not, there are real life responsibilities that you need to tend to if you want to remain a happy, healthy and functioning human being.  These extend to both personal and social needs.

Should you find yourself glued to your mobile playing online poker while ignoring your duties, responsibilities, friends and family – you should probably take a deeper look at your gaming habits and try to manage it better.

Fulfil Your Duties & Incentivise Yourself 

One way in which you can play poker online without the guilt is by setting your game time as an incentive for doing what you ought to do, first.  Be a big girl or boy and do your duties and you’ll be able to enjoy mobile poker, guilt free!

You’ll probably also feel much better about yourself and you’ll be able to play undistracted…  This will most likely lead to you being on top of your game and have you see better returns!

Set Your Playtime for “After Hours” 

If you do have a family who depends on you being physically and emotionally present, it is perhaps best that you set your personal play time for ‘after hours’.  Enjoy spending time with your loved ones, be present, really present…  Bathe the kids, have dinner with your family, make them feel special and loved – and when bedtime arrives, you can whip out your smartphone and enjoy your mobile poker – no harm, no foul.

Bearing this in mind, there are other things that need to happen for you to remain a happy, healthy and functioning human being… and that is getting enough sleep!  So, although an after-hours mobile poker strategy can be a winner, don’t let it interfere with your beauty zzz’s. 

Spending too much Money Playing Mobile Poker? 

If you’re a real money online poker player, managing your spend is one of the crucial things to factor in when it comes to balancing real life responsibilities with the fun.  With so many convenient ways to fund your casino account instantly, it might be a tad too easy to get carried away.

You might want to implement a few rules when it comes to playing mobile poker where real cash is involved.  This might take some practice and discipline but it is totally doable.  Ensure that all your financial responsibilities have been tended to and then look at what you’re left with.  Set aside a percentage of this amount for ‘entertainment purposes’ – and stick to only using those funds to boost your account balance.

If the urge to dip into non-entertainment funds arise – this is where the ‘adulting’ part must kick in.  Rather switch over to enjoying mobile poker in free-play mode.  Yes, you won’t see any real money returns – but you’ll still get to play your favourite game just for kicks!

Another way to mitigate financial ruin is to always pace yourself.  Online poker, particularly multi-hand games, can move at an astonishingly quick pace with tens of hands per minute.  Especially when playing at top sites such as Everygame Poker where the software is smooth and sleek and designed to deliver blazingly quick rounds.

In a nutshell, do what you need to do, take care of business, don’t slack on chores or neglect your family, put a limit on your spending – and you should be good to go.  Keep these suggestions in mind and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the fun and rewards of playing online poker at Everygame Poker – responsibly!