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Find mobile poker training apps - learn how to find the nuts, play starting hands and calculate the online poker odds NOW!

Successful poker players understand the odds.  They also know the difference between a good and bad starting hand.  The really excellent poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel and Justin Bonomo are magicians, mathematicians, game theorists and masters of the fine art of bluffing.

Poker is a game that demands a diverse skill set.  Whether you are playing mobile poker or online poker at Everygame Poker your success rate is directly determined by how well you have embraced various competencies. 

Learn How to Play Poker Online the Best Way You Can 

Fortunately, technology has stepped in to help players like you and I learn how to play Texas Hold’em, Stud and Omaha the best way we can.  Now you can use mobile poker training apps - developed by the luminaries of poker - to tutor you in the nuts and bolts of the game.

These are the tools of the trade that not only spout out vital information at the tap of a button but can be used to help you refine your poker playing prowess in real live situations in real-time.

Mobile poker training apps are built for digital devices.  That means you can literally shove a mine of information into your pocket or handbag and retrieve it when you need guidance pre-flop or at the turn or river.

Portable Poker Training Tools  

You can also tap into the best mobile poker training apps whenever you have a spare moment in the day.  Learning how to play online poker at Everygame Poker so that you win more pots than you lose has never been easier or more intuitive.

Having said all that, the question is; which mobile poker training apps are tailor made for beginners?  Well we have scratched around a bit and come up with three apps that any aspirant poker player should have installed on their device:

Starting Hand Dashboard App 

The Starting Hand Dashboard app is a nifty hand analyser app for Texas Hold’em.  It zooms in on the starting hand - you know the two hole cards you are dealt right at the beginning of each round of poker? 

Whether you play online poker at Everygame Poker or live cash games with your BFFs, understanding the relative strength of your starting hand is key.  It allows you to make better pre-flop decisions - such as folding more often than not when you have a hand that has the potential to be beaten!

Along with an intuitive interface the app is jam packed with useful information.  There are multiple features that not only gauge the strength of a particular starting hand but make recommendations based on the value of the cards, your position at the table, the tightness of the game and whether you are facing a raise or re-raise.

The Starting Hand Dashboard mobile poker training app is an all in one Texas Hold’em training tool that looks at core aspects of a starting hand, from the pre-flop all-in odds and the hand rank percentage to the recommended move.

You can tap into this feature rich app for just $4,99 at the App Store but your device has to be powered by iOS 8.0 and up.

What’s the Nuts Poker Training Game App 

What’s the Nuts Poker Training app is a free iOS app that helps you identify the nuts in Texas Hold’em.  If you are not certain what the ‘nuts’ are, it is a poker term for an unbeatable hand.

The idea behind this app is to train players to identify the nuts quickly and accurately in a fun and gamified way.  Once you know what you are looking for, you can test yourself by selecting the two cards you think are the nuts from a board of cards… while the clock is ticking!

The app allows you to play through various starting hand scenarios.  It also lets you know when you have made a mistake and scores you on your decision making. 

What’s the Nuts is an entertaining way of learning one of the most critical aspects of online poker… and upping the tempo of your decision making at the same time.

What’s the Nuts mobile poker training app is a cross-OS app that is available at the Google Play and App Stores.  It is compatible with devices running on iOS 8.0 and later and Android 4.0 and up.

Poker Odds Teacher App 

If you need help calculating the odds at Everygame Poker, this mobile poker training app is the one for you.  A word of warning though - you must have an acumen for mathematics as you will be expected to do the calculations in your head.

The Poker Odds Teacher app trains you to estimate the odds in real-time.  That means when you are done training, you will have the ability to calculate the odds of any online poker game or cash game quickly and efficiently.

Your success rate will depend upon how quickly you memorise a three-step algorithm presented to you in-app and step by step on separate screens.  If you are good at mathematics, you will pass with flying colours… if not you will have no option but to spend more time in the app!

The Poker Odds Teacher app uses specific hand scenarios to teach you how to understand the odds.  It also helps you learn the mathematics behind poker and when you get stuck there is a math help button to get you through.

Once you have memorised the algorithm there are around two dozen pre- and post-flop scenarios to practice on.  This mobile poker training app tackles one of the more difficult aspects of playing poker and it does it in a neat and intuitive way.

The Poker Odds Teacher app is an iOS only software application that is available right now at the App Store.  The cost of learning how to calculate - and understand - the poker odds?  A paltry $3,99!

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