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Are you ready to scare your opponents with the c-betting strategy?

Not all poker players choose an aggressive strategy, but those who do must understand when they should go all in and when to take a step back. Continuation bets – or C-bets – are a prime example of an aggressive playing method that should be used wisely if a player wants to make the most of available Everygame Poker no deposit bonuses.

By definition, C-bets are bets made on the flop by players who also raised pre-flop. Therefore, players continue raising the pot and being aggressive turn after turn. While this strategy might sound simple enough, it is important for you to understand exactly when and why you should use C-bets to your advantage. Are you ready to learn how to play like a pro?

All You Need to Know About B-Betting

Imagine this: you're at the pre-flop stage, and you open with a raise. Both the small blind and the big blind call your raise, which leaves you with the chance to raise again before the end of the round. And when the flop comes, you decide to raise again – which turns it into a continuation bet, as you continue your aggression from the previous round.

The idea behind a C-bet is to create the impression that you are a daring player, and on many occasions, that will scare your opponent off. But even though c-betting is bound to put pressure on your fellow players, if you manage to make your opponents keep calling at least once or twice, your aggressive actions might get them to fold only after adding a substantial amount of cash to the pot.

But while this strategy can certainly yield positive results, it can also be risky. First of all, if you make a C-bet as a bluff and your opponent is confident enough in the strength of his hand, you are bound to lose more cash than you would have lost folding in the first place. The same thing goes for marginal hands: if your opponent is just as aggressive as you are, C-betting won't work unless you have a killer hand.

With all that in mind, there are a few things you should take into account when deciding whether C-bets should be your weapon of choice or not:

  • Who are you playing against? – The C-bet strategy won't work on every player. If your opponent is aggressive, you might find yourself investing too much money with little results. However, if your opponent tends to fold a lot on the flop, your continuation bet strategy can work if you place small bets at a high frequency.
  • How many players are participating in the game? – As a general rule, the more players there are, the smaller your chances of pulling off a C-bet strategy. When you have more than two opponents, you must have a strong hand to ensure your c-betting works, so you would find yourself using this strategy at a lower frequency.
  • Are you in position? – You would find it is easier to put this strategy into play when you are in position.
  • Is your hand strong enough? – It is much easier to use the c-betting strategy when you have a stronger hand. Even if your opponents might challenge you, they will still lose, and your aggressive method will allow you to win the entire pot. However, you can also use this gambling strategy to bluff when you have a weaker hand, but you must ensure your opponents are rattled by your confident behavior for it to work.

Are You Ready to Start Playing?

C-betting is a basic yet important strategy in poker. Learn how and when to use it and you might find yourself winning the pot more often than ever before!